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The theme of suicide is common in both novels. In the Big Blonde Mrs Morse is a “kept woman” entertaining men fulfilling their sexual desires for financial support. Morse doesn’t have to do any job or pick even a glass of water because every thing is taken care of. For her the only thing to do in life is eat drink and merry kind of life. This way of living may seems easy from outside but in such way of life brings her on the brink of destruction.In Big Blonde Parker offers the disillusionment of marriage and unsatisfying love affairs with attempted suicide of an aging woman who is tragic and pathetic in 1930s. The liberation of 1920s and 1930s gave more freedom to women, but the oppressing social environment pushed the newly freed woman to stressful life and exploitation. In A Clean Well Lighted Place the writer describes looks at an old and isolated man who feels emptiness in his life. The young waiter being impatient wants thing done in his own way but then realizes that the old man is drinking because he is lonely and it’s due to loneliness that makes his life so lonesome and empty and useless.Both books deal with the issue of suicide in the modern life. In the Big Blond the writer exposes the lack of soullessness that pushes the protagonist to the edge of suicide. Life doesn’t seem to have any meaning despite all ease and comfort.  The same theme has been repeated in A Clean Well Lighted Place; however its story of an old man who has no one to talk or share himself. Modern life may have brought material boom for mankind, but it has also altered the social structure of families that is taking toll on individuals. At the name of liberation there are women like Big Blond who have been exploited by a consumer based society; where they become a showcase kind of product without feeling. The suicide of Marilyn Monroe and recent Anna Nichole Smith are few examples of Big Blond kind of women who have been exploited and pushed to suicide by society under the garb of freedom. 

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