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As an actress, understanding and playing different roles and personas is part of my study and profession. Every day, I get to imagine what would be going through another person’s mind, but being that person. Having done that and switching my behavioral traits so abruptly, I was forced to ponder about the uniting line between humans. If every person is different, and thinks differently, how can their measurement of success be the same? Yet, for people at large to be successful, there had to be one definitive domain of actions which might yield as an outcome – success. Then I came to the conclusion, that success is a function of the mind, but an attribute of the heart. If people believe in themselves and achieve the will of the heart through the struggle of the mind, then I believe success is attained.Success hence is a very relative term. There can be no one way of looking at it, or else there would only be one successful person in the world! It is very dynamic state, which changes every time new challenges are set up in life. And so, how I take success in my life is totally dependent on me, and nothing else. People sometimes like to think of success as being measured in terms of money, fame or power, but my definition of success if different. I measure success through the contentment of my heart. And if I have achieved that, I can sleep a successful person every night of my life.Success is a mind game, and a person having achieved everything in life may consider him/her self as having achieved nothing at all. As far as I am concerned, I consider myself as a very successful person. If I can make a difference, than I think I am successful. And I get that opportunity any time I want. I do not have to be a film star, or the president of a country or the CEO of a multi national, but quite the contrary, my success in being myself. I do not believe in establishing such norms for success that may be measured only after 2 decades of a person’s life, or by a hefty bank account, or by a fan following. I think every day is a challenge, and hence it should be measured accordingly.Over the years, I have learnt that a single actor may shine out as the star of the play, but the true success of the play always is a consequence of the team that works together. It not only includes the other actors in the cast, but all those people who remain behind the screen. Though limelight may be the fate of a few, the true endeavor has come from another corner; which is always hidden from the public eye. This has made me realize, that one should never qualify success on the face of how things seem. The tip of the iceberg can never truly explain what the entire emblem stands for. Nothing is skin deep, not even skin itself! There is a lot more struggle and undertaking that goes into achieving a task that is otherwise visible. And I feel that it is in making all this effort that the secret of success lies.Success is not attained by achieving something, but by treading the path. For instance, in war, the victorious army has seemingly successful soldiers celebrating what they have achieved. But what about their friends who died in the struggle, to make sure their comrades would achieve the same? The answer is very simple; they are in effect more successful than those who survived, because they believed in something so much, that they were willing to give away their lives for the cause. And that is the true measure of success. The fact is, that when one defines a path for oneself, then merely walking that path is an assurance of success.Rationalistically, nobody can achieve everything. Further, the natural shortfalls in our lives, including financial, physical and emotional emergencies shall always be there. Then how can one achieve a state wherein success can be guaranteed? The answer lies in perspectives. Whatever the problem with a person, nobody can change all the variables with it. All we have to do is change the perspective. It is all about the glass of water that is half filled. How we want to take it, as half-empty or half-filled, defines our state of mind, orientation, and perception regarding life. And this can change any situation into a successful one and vice versa.Usually, there is only one person who stands first in class. By theoretical measures, that person should be called successful. But then what about the rest of the pupils in the class? Have they been wasting their time and are ultimately unsuccessful? The answer is an easy ‘no’, because that is not how success is measured. Einstein never stood first in class, and I don’t think anybody would contend his being successful. The key to understanding this lies in the fact that success in terms of learning is in the knowledge that one has gained. It is based upon the beliefs that have been established and the instincts that have been triggered. That is the true success, not only of the student, but also of the teacher. The nominal position of students is but an academic necessity. But figuratively, how different is the person with 14th position from one who is 15th?I believe that every person in this world has been sent with a purpose. When the person realizes this, his ultimate success has been attained. This may, in common terms be referred to as self-actualization. A person who is true to him/herself is the most successful person in this world. And I firmly believe that every person in the world has a fair chance of achieving this goal every day of their life. Our success hence falls very much in our own hands, and the only way our destiny shapes up is the way we want it!People also tend to attribute happiness with success. Though ideally, they should come together, but for all practical purposes, they are separate entities and are rarely bound together. This in turn shows that they are not interdependent. The unpretentious explanation is that success is about achievement of a goal, whereas happiness is a much higher state. Happiness is about contentment. If one’s success is devoid of contentment, then happiness would not be there. Envy and jealousy are two credible ingredients that spoil the success recipe by excluding contentment from it. Success with happiness would certify that the actual aim has been achieved, and the intrinsic satisfaction has been attained.Mandela spent decades in confinement, but the feeling of success was there. Galileo was killed for his genius, but the contentment was there. Socrates was poisoned for is ideas, but he died a happy man. History has numerous examples where people have actually suffered yet remained steadfast of their path, ultimately coming out as victorious. This further establishes the fact that success does not require the accomplishment of the final destiny that was initially planned. It is a feeling of treading the right path, and gathering whatever good is possible in the way. Keeping oneself on that path is the true test, because that is where the actual challenges lie. Success is not in reaching somewhere, but actually in knowing and walking the way.The world has reached a pinnacle of scientific development today because people believed in what they did throughout. The Wright brothers did not invent the Jumbo Jet, but they came out with a practical idea that am aircraft is possible. Despite one of the brothers dying during a test flight, the dream was not lost. Today, ever successful landing thanks the efforts, vision and perseverance of the Wright brothers, and by my standards, they stand very successful. Newton did not invent the satellite, but now they all revolve around the earth following the fundamentals of his theories. Is scientific success not eternally his? Both these examples pertain to the goals that were achieved much later, but the originator felt elated in his time because he believed in himself, and was treading the right path – the path in which he believed!Why children are always instructed to speak the truth, is no mystery. We endeavor to inculcate within the child a feeling of righteousness and integrity. But gradually, with the psychological and sociological development of the child, his impressions start getting polluted, and he begins to find substitutes for the truth. This is when for the first time, the feeling of guilt is created in the individual. Why is relevant, is because from the very early childhood, a human being starts adopting strategies to ensure that ‘ends justify means’. However, when he does reach the ultimate goal, the sense of satisfaction is not what he had initially envisioned. This is where the contentment is lost and where the true taste of success is not felt. Therefore, it turns out that success is a moral quality, and not merely a social one. For a person to feel successful, his heart shall have to vow that the proper means have been adopted. Subsequently, if the contentment of heart is there, and the actual goal is not achieved, still a person may feel happy without the obvious presence of a ‘success’.I trust that in order to be successful, one has to feel successful. Therefore the only investment I wish to do for my own sake in the future, is realizing my true self. This, I believe, shall help me overcome all the challenges that life may want to test me with. My success shall eternally depend upon how I see life. If I keep believing in myself, and persevere with the endeavor to make a difference, then nothing will be an obstruction for me. Doing every role is important in a play. Though one may like to be Caesar all the time, somebody has to play Brutus as well! The success lies in perception, actualization, and believing in what a person does, and can do. It is not about money, fame or power; rather it is about keeping one’s soul strong in the time of adversity. This shall be my endeavor for remaining successful.My ultimate dream of success is to play a role in which I can act as ‘myself’! Where I can actualize with what my heart desires and with what my mind can accomplish. My success would not in being everything, but in knowing that I can. I want to walk the course where the challenges are my motivators, and pitfalls are my triumphs. It is a path where I know, that the end is not when the road finishes, but when I stop believing!

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