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1. “Have you Ever” by BrandyThe lyrics of the song “Have you Ever” by Brandy talks about a woman who falls so in love with a guy but does not have her feelings reciprocated. It is a song filled with wistful thoughts and hope that one day, this guy of her dreams would maybe care for her too. The formatting of the lyrics as questions make it appear that the singer is asking for understanding and maybe empathy (not sympathy) from the audience. She is hoping that maybe the audience has experienced what she is going through and can relate to her feelings of hopefulness, sleeplessness and willingness to do anything that would get the guy she hopes for to care for her.2. “Cant Take my Eyes off of you” by Frankie ValliThe singer has the object of his love and desire on a pedestal. For him, just to know that the girl returns his feelings would be like being in heaven itself. He is asking her to let him love her. He feels that her being too good to be true is synonymous to her being too good for the likes of him. He is content to watch and admire from a distance but wishes that maybe, it could be much more. For the moment, he is just happy to have her to see and care for on his life.3. “All you need is love” by Lynden David HallLove is powerful, love is omniscient, love is everything. This song is about the power and miracle of love.  Everything that needs to be said and done can be accomplished with love.4. “Officially Missing You” by TamiaThis song is an admission of love, loneliness and pain.  To “officially” say something is to make a statement and admission. The lyrics toward the end show how the singer thought she could be strong, forget and move on after her man is gone. However, it seems that she can’t and is therefore admitting a “weakness.” Her statement of  “officially missing you” means “I’m sorry, I was wrong and I was proud. I am weak and lonely without you.”5. “The Trouble With Love is” by Kelly ClarksonThe song is about the paradoxical nature of love. Ideal love brings with is so much good and happiness. Unfortunately, it also brings with it suffering. To love someone is to open yourself up to him or her heart, body and soul. Unfortunately, with this “opening up” the not too nice things of pain and suffering also come in. A person becomes so vulnerable when in love.6. “Turn Me On” by Norah JonesThis song talks about the fulfillment that love brings. Love can make a person realize and be the best they can be. The “turning on” is symbolic in two ways. The first is to be turned on in the sense of “light.” With light, everything is clearer and one can see his or her way. The other definition of “turning on” is to put life into a person. For example, an inanimate object like a radio is just a radio until somebody turns it on then it becomes something that issues soothing or entertaining music.7. “Take Me as I Am” by Wyclef JeanThe title of the song pretty much says it all. It is about a lover accepting everything about the person he/she loves unconditionally. Rich, poor, handsome, ugly…it doesn’t matter. It’s the proverbial “I love you despite of…” as opposed to the “I love you because of…”8. “Songbird” by Eva CassidyIts true love found that is expressed in this song. The singer expresses a confidence that everything will be alright…this time. This love has something different from all the past loves of before. There is contentment, confidence and honesty.9. “Love Me Tender” by Elvis PresslyLove Me Tender sows the singer’s confidence that he ahs indeed found his true love. He shows a vulnerability in asking his love to take him into her heart and promise that she will never “let him go.” It’s a pretty emotional song where the singer is asking his love to assure him that she will care for him and love him.10. “Someone who lives in your heart” by All For OneThere is a kind of love that can be sustained only when two people are physically present, and there is one that does not need the affirmation of physical sight and sound. This song is about that. When you love someone deeply, you do not have to see or touch him/her everyday. How you feel about him/her remains the same regardless of all that you have to go on with are memories. Memories are things that no one at any time or any distance can take away from a true lover.11. ‘I just called to say I love you” by Stevie WonderIt’s a song of spontaneity and love. There is no need for any special occasions or reason to tell someone you love and value him/her. Personally, I think spontaneous declarations of love and caring mean so much more than those that come with occasions where you expect to be told you are loved. It is much sweeter and more sincere.12. “Now and Forever” by Richard MarxThis song acknowledges the “complementary” way love works. If one is weak, the other is strong and vice-versa. It’s like in this world, there is a person who you can trust to be there for you when you really need someone. This person is someone you can rely on even in your weakest moments. Once you find this person, you will do anything to keep them in your life forever.13. “How Deep is Your Love” by the Bee GeesThis song deals with the insecurity love brings. It’s a lover who needs to be re-assured that his partner will always be there and love him as much as he loves her. The singer is basically expressing how much his girl means to him and how much he needs her in his life. Yet he feels insecure because sometimes, things just happen that test relationships and sometimes, even breaks them apart. He needs to know that the girl also loves him and they can stick out whatever comes their way.14. “Christmas is all Around ” by Billy MackIf the other songs are asking for “affirmation,” this one wants “confirmation.” The signs are all there, the feeling is there, all that is needed is a sign for Christmas to really be there. Its not much different from people who think they’re in love, feel they’re in love, yet just need a little something like a sign to know that they are really in love. (Isn’t the original song “Love is all around me” by Wet Wet Wet?) In this case, Christmas to him is synonymous with snow. So while the singer feels and thinks its Christmas, he needs to see snow, before he can be sure it’s Christmas.15. “All I want for Christmas” by Olivia OlsonThis lady knows exactly what she wants. She doesn’t see the need to wish for anything more or open any wrapped gifts for the only gift she wants is her lover. Despite being surrounded by nice things, the gay season and the trappings of Christmas everything else will pale into significance if she gets her lover as her “gift.”   

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