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According to the website, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a group which helps alcoholics recovers. It is the first organization which promotes the 12-step program for recovery and has been a model for other organizations as well as the Narcotics Anonymous. It is founded by Bill Wilson and Bob Smith in 1939, both alcoholics. The Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is an organization which helps drug addicts to recover. It is an international group existing in more than 116 countries around the globe. Furthermore this society is community-based and non-profit. This organization sprang from Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1940’s. Members of the group meet every week in order to ensure that their problems regarding drugs are solved little by little. Its only mission is to help drug dependents to find a new life.Both of these organizations believe that abstinence is the key to recovery. In order for any drug/ alcohol dependent to recover, they must have the recovery in an environment which will bring them closer to God so that they can understand him. The program involves submission to a higher power which is God so that they can meditate and abstain from drugs/alcohol.The success of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are because of different factors. Because it is a community-based organization which do not ask for membership or service fee, many alcohol/drug dependents can avail of their recovery programs regularly. Another is that, these organizations serve as refuge for those dependents that do not trust established religions. Both of these organizations are non-religious organization but part of their principles is to understand “spiritual awakening.” They do not promote religion instead they just want the patients to be closer to God in order to have a renewed life.    Another reason for its success is their program which involves people who are also alcohol/ drug dependent. Persons undergoing the recovery program exchange thoughts with actual people who are in the same shoes as they were. They learn from each other and find refuge with one another.

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