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The question now confronting mothers, especially new mothers, is whether she should permanently leave her work and stay at home to care for her child, opt for a part-time employment so that she could devote part of her time to her son or daughter, or continue working full-time and entrust the care of her young offspring to a nanny while she is at work. Most, if not all, would answer this question with: “it depends” This is because it is rather difficult to say that this woman is a “better” mother simply because she is at home all the time to be with her children, nor is it any easier to say that that mom is better just because she is out earning money for her family (Hoffman).“It depends” could mean that a mother is a single mom who must work so that she could feed her baby and pay for her other needs like clothes, education, and shelter. “It depends” might also refer to a mom who does not really have to work for the money but who wants to work, all the same, for personal gratification – climbing up the corporate ladder or proving to all and sundry that she has much more than just a pretty face and a good figure. The first mom has no choice but to work. The latter, however, has a choice. She could stay at home if she wants to because husband earns enough to support the family. In whatever economic situation a mother may find herself in, the most important issue that should be settled here is whether she could provide the developmental needs of her children. After all, her primary responsibility is to protect, not so much physically as emotionally, and nourish her offspring (Hoffman). This task could not be performed with the same satisfaction by just anybody, including the father. It is therefore imperative that however a woman decides, her basic function as a mother should never be neglected. It has been said that a mother’s own life becomes less valuable with the coming of a child. “She would give it up in a moment to save her offspring, but will also begin to yearn for more years – not to accomplish her own dreams – but to watch her children accomplish theirs” (iVillage Limited).Work CitedHoffman, Leon. “Should mothers work outside the home?” Briefings. 2006. 26 August 2007.<>iVillage Limited. “What motherhood really means.” 26 August 2007<,,186644_530546,00.html>

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