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It is of utmost importance for a student in today’s society to graduate a college of some sort and receive a degree. My professional choice has fallen into the nursing profession emphasis on becoming Clinical Nurse Specialist or work in Public Health and Community Nursing. In order to have a better job opportunity and become a well-salaried professional in this field I decided to deepen my knowledge received over the past four years in a college and apply for master’s degree in University of San Francisco. When looking through the information and references about USF I was gradually convinced that this University is the best choice for shaping my career in the field of Community Nursing. My basic features of a leader needed in this profession are combined with a great eagerness to learn all the subjects proposed by the University.The reason why I have chosen to succeed in Community Nursing is my great interest and understanding of the subject along with the desire to help people to come over with their problems in case of emergencies that take place at schoolsor other educational institutions. Besides due to wide popularity of Community Nursery the decent salaries are guaranteed especially when I will receive the diploma with master’s degree in this area.Schoolnursing in present times seems to be highly developed and spread over thecountry. But there are still some services missed in its practice as it isalways under development and constant improvement. Disabled children or thosewith special needs, chronic conditions or being temporary injured are presentat a number of schools. Also students with physical disabilities or mentaldiseases relate to this category. These children feel a lack of nursing supportand require special technologies to be involved into their schooling process.The special needs of these children may imply frequent emergency andinterventions. When caring for special need children it is important to utilizespecial guidelines set and directed by higher institutions.School nurses in their daily have to followthe developmental plan that indicates appropriate emergency incident treatmentand going after student interaction. Communication between the nurse, teacherand parents identifies the necessity of additional help and serve as a good wayto faster recovery.My experience in therealted area of commuity nursing is my medical background of attending the university and working as a Medical Assistent in cardiology department.  I used to bevery activein an edicational process when attending and being regularly involved into various seminars and conferences.School nurse is important to me not only in order to become helpful to those students who wants to recover from accidental injures or illnesses that happened at a school place but also to in order to promote the disease avoiding strategies which will diminish or eliminate the probability of such events. I am eager to bring some changes and improvements into the routine work of school nurses and to become one of the leading community nurses once I graduate from the university and get my naster’s degree.

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