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The internet indeed is the fastest growing technology that influences most of the aspects in the daily lives of the modern society ranging from economic transactions, communications, social activities and others. However, it seems that the rapid development of the internet aspect is both unfavorable and unappealing to certain groups in the societies particularly the elderly. Young and technologically adept individuals can find many usage and applications for the system of the internet yet, most elderly people show little or no interest at all to the influences of the internet. On contrast to the technologically elite society, most elderly people would rather choose the conventional process towards everyday activities (Dimaggio et al, 2001). Consider my grandmother who is an eighty-four year old retiree as an example, instead of browsing the internet for the latest news and development, she would rather enjoy reading the newspaper and magazines in her old, yet comfortable LazyBoy recliner. As she once argued, internet require modern knowledge and awareness particularly the skills and enthusiasm to cope up with the rapid development of its system, which she expressed to be quite minimal at her age. Indeed, the appeal and convenience of the internet applies only to the people who are fascinated and enthusiastic about its system urging them to learn, cope up, and embrace the said technology inside their individual lives.Commercials are mainly the marketing strategies of the business sector to entice the public in buying and patronizing their products and services through intimidating the people with appealing images, subliminal messages, and interesting concepts (Kotler & Armstrong, 2005). This concept is implemented in marketing commercial through different approaches. The most common of which is appealing to a particular audience the particular object of interest and/or needs of that target. Concepts such as humor, animals, scenic views, emotional moments and others are widely applied to different commercial depending on the characteristics of their target audience. Though often this strategy proves to be ineffective, at most times, marketing commercials succeed in inviting the public to buy, consume and patronize their products and services producing production profit for the business sector.The dilemma regarding the similarities of the human cloning subject and his or her product offers a puzzling argument for the modern scientific society. On the biological basis, the product is an exact duplicate of its host as cloning is based on the physical and physiological characteristics of the host as embedded on his or her genetic makeup. However, other factors must be considered in this comparative argument such as the environment of the two subjects. Environment is a significant influence to one’s characteristics and individuality thus, a difference on this factor will likewise cause a degree of dissimilarities between the host and clone (McGee et al, 2004). Indeed, cloning only produces an exact duplicate on the basis of its genetic structure however, the individual characteristics and personalities of the host and the clone rest on other elements such as environmental influences and the actual development and experiences of the two people ultimately affecting their individuality.

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