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Very often while chasing a loving person, one makes not just romantic, heroic or other highly inspired deeds, but often daily and very egoistic. It sometimes happens that a person, who is subject of love, becomes some kind of a prize or a reward that satisfies and fulfills one’s sense of pride and vanity. In this case seeking for a second half turns into a hunt and some kind of a race. Understandably it may happen that this kind of  “race” will be finished and the prize will be of no need, when there is no interest to the person the love will disappear. But still it doesn’t mean that love should be gained only in passive ways; of course it requires some victims and sacrificing.The topic of thwarted love takes one of the central places in the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald Great Gatsby, showing how the love of Jay Gatsby to Daisy Buchanan was ruined by difference in their social status and other heritage related circumstances. The desire to win the love of Daisy was as obsessive to Gatsby as his desire in the childhood to become rich. After meeting Daisy for the first time, just before the WW1 being a young officer in Louisville, he made his mind to become wealthy so that he would be equal to her by his social and financial status. He carried this desire through the war and through the years studying at Oxford, to prove that he is educated enough. He hated his poor childhood, that later caused him a lot of misfortunes in personal life, and the desire to become wealthy was that unrealized child’s wish that he carried through his youth and finally realized when he was an adult already. As Gatsby, already rich and respected young man, finds that Daisy is married to Tom Buchanan, he decides to win her heart back. At this point this desire can be seen not just like love full of high feelings for a lady, but also some kind of call to his pride and his ambitions. Money that Gatsby earned after the war was earned illegally, basically because of close ties with organized crime world and bootlegging.Everything he did after the war was done for the sake of love that he hoped he would get from Daisy. He got involved into crime world to earn money because of she, he purchased a gaudy mansion on the West Egg in Long Island and organized parties for higher society just to surprise and please her. It can be said that all his life was dedicated to that high romantic feeling of love, but the means to achieve that goal where not always legal and justified. The best evidence of that is again his involvement into the world of organized crime. Blinded by this love, the charm and beauty of Daisy, Gatsby doesn’t see the real face and real nature of this woman, who is in reality fickle, shallow, bored, and sardonic:“ Daisy: ,Oh, you want too much!` she cried to Gatsby. ,I love you now – isn?t that enough? I can?t help what?s past.` · That is a defeat for Gatsby, he can accept nothing less.”The best display of love to Daisy, Gatsby showed when he agreed to take the blame of killing Myrtle Wilson, even though that Daisy was driving the car, not Gatsby. At this point taking somebody’s crime looks very heroic and can be admired, but from another hand it shows how Gatsby was possessed by love to Daisy. At the end of the novel he even agrees that his love was a terrible mistake saying that he “”paid a high price for living too long with a single dream” and agreeing that Daisy is too different from his ideal: “Her voice is full of money.”The main subplot of the David Lodge’s novel Small World is a romance of Persse McGarrigle who was chasing PhD student, beautiful Angelica Pabst. Persse meets Angelica at the literary conference at Rummidge and soon finds out that he is in love with her. His love didn’t give a minute of free and peaceful time, and as the result Persse wants to win the heart of Angelica by any means. The way that he chose to do it is very bold and extravagant. As she loves the lectures of  literary professors and often goes to conferences, he decides to follow her everywhere, what looks more like a pursuit, hunt or race with Angelica as the only prize. While he travels, he should cope with sexual desires as well as his religious ideas, because he was raised in strict catholic family. Another thing that he should admit is the information he uncovers about Angelica who is more modern and liberal in her views on life and that really disturbs him.   He decides to follow her from conference to conference, from country to country, and from continent to continent, but he seems to always have just missed that charming lady he wants to marry and these lines serve as good evidence to it:“… not only on account of his frustration over Bernadette, but because the journey had revived memories of Angelica. Not that she had been out of his mind for more than five minutes at a time all summer.  … Dear God, let me find Angelica…. surprise as Persse charged up to the counter. “Do you have a passenger Pabst on Flight 426?” he demanded. “Miss Angelica Pabst?” The man tapped on his computer terminal and confirmed that Miss Pabst had indeed checked in for the flight…”When at least Persse decided to make a proposal to Angelica, he gets confused about the meaning of her answer that was a quotation of Keats’s The Eve of St Agnes.During his trips and adventures that happen to him, Persse learns a lot about himself. He was charmed by Angelica’s beauty and intelligence as a result this feeling became a really expensive one.  Traveling to conferences and attempts to win Angelica’s love made a dreadful impact on his financial situation and nearly took all the money from his banking account.The play Graduate tells a story about Ben Braddock life. A successful student at college, bright athlete at school and promising professional in future, he once finds out that there is no purpose in his life and that he doesn’t know what he is living for. After being in illicit affair with Mrs. Robinson, he finds out that he fall in love with her daughter Elaine. As his relationships with Mrs. Robinson came out, it became really difficult for him to prove anything to Elaine and moreover to make her love him. Even though that Elaine decides to forgive him the contact with her Mum and marry him, in reality everything appeared not to be so simple. The truth about affair of Mrs. Robinson and Ben became public and everything became really complicated.The biggest problem for Ben was to really determine with his decisions and future plans. From one side it was graduate school, and hopes of his parents who believed he’ll be a success. On the other hand it was love to Elaine. He was really lost and most of the time was fighting his inside voices about what choice to make.He understands that past mistakes had done a lot to prevent him from happy love with Elaine, but at the same time he is not confident about the future choice as well.Once making a decision to win Elaine back, who was by the way engaged to her old boyfriend and was going to marry him, he had really changed. It was noticed by his parents who at the end approved the decision to marry  Elaine.On the example of Ben we can see how love can change a person, make him be determined in his future plans, instead of escaping from realities and losing may be the only chance in life. He made a plan of finding a place where the wedding will be, by making a call to the office of bridegroom’s father:“     WOMAN’S VOICEWell – you see – the doctor is at hisson’s wedding, but I’m sure it’s overby now.  He should be checking in anymoment -BENListen to me.  I am Dr. Smith’sbrother – Reverend Smith – and Iam supposed to perform the ceremony.I just got in – from – Portland -and I’ve forgotten what church – you”Despite the obstacles, mostly because of the shame for his past mistakes, he made his mind and took Elaine from the wedding ceremony in church:“Through the glass doors, we can see Elaine and Ben running down the street. The wedding party members are tugging furiously at the jammed doors.  Mrs. Robinson turns toward us and calmly begins to put on her gloves. Ben and Elaine running along the sidewalk.Ben holds her hand and is pulling her.  She still holds her flowers.  They run to a bus that is just closing its doors. He bangs on the closed door of the bus.  The door opens. Ben climbs the step into the bus and pulls Elaine up after him.  The doors close.”It can be considered to be quite a deed, for unconfident and pointless person whom Ben was at the beginning of the play. In his case love helped him to understand that he is the only master of his life, and that it’s impossible now and would be impossible in future to please and satisfy everyone, but what he really needs to do is to act on his own.We can learn a lot on the experience of the heroes of the discussed novels. Their actions inspired by the great feeling of love sometimes looked obsessive and absurd, but still had a deep romantic nature, no matter how it appeared to be in reality.  We have a lot to learn from them as well as we can get something rational from their mistakes. It’s mostly about not being blind when fall in love as well as about not making an ideal of the person if in reality the ideal doesn’t have anything in common with that person.

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