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Language has been one of the powerful means in communication that can be traced from the beginning of early civilizations. Yet, there are still different languages used in different countries; and yet in every country there are still different dialects used. On the other hand, specialized vocabulary is a language used by people or experts on a particular field of study.Dialect is a variety of language used in a particular place (“Dialect”). It is spoken by a group of people who share the same culture. They share the same accent and meanings. On the other hand, in a specialized vocabulary you can expect technical terms that are specially used for a certain field such as mathematics or physics (Bar-Tzur). The terms used are not commonly encountered and used by ordinary people. Usually, it is used in the academe, universities, and other institutions with concentration on higher education. When you are in the university or school, you get the chance to use specialized vocabularies together with other students who are taking the same course as you are; but you wouldn’t use it in the department store, or your house, or in bus station. Of course, not all people would understand and can relate to the language that you are using; but when it comes to formal discussions and applications, that’s the appropriate time to use it. Unlike dialects, the terms in specialized vocabularies have distinct and unchangeable definitions.It is also similar to the use of a certain dialect. The comprehension of a dialect is limited only in a certain area. When people visit another place, the person would adopt to another language used there in order to facilitate conversation (“Dialect”).The scope of dialect can be small or wide-ranged. The difference of a dialect from the “standard” language is the distinct accent o diction, grammar and vocabulary. There are assigned vocabularies in words that are incomprehensible to other dialects. 

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