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There are many foreign restaurants in London which really offer a wide variety of good and delicious foods.  World famed Italian and French cuisine are there so as many Japanese, Chinese and other European and Asian restaurants with their specialties in their delicacies.  In other words, every one of these restaurants has their distinction that they are well identified.One of the many restaurants that I have been with at sometimes is the critically acclaimed Fino Bar and Restaurant located at 33rd Charlotte Street in the heart of London.  It is open on weekdays from twelve noon to two-thirty in the afternoon for lunch and six in the evening until ten for dinner.  For starters, they offered Potato and Chorizo chips, Pimientos de Padron, Toasted Almonds and Manchego Cheese at price ranges from £2.50 to £6.00.  They also offer Caperberries Pa Amb Tomaquet, Bread with Mangoes de Valdeeza Olive Oil at a price just a little bit higher.The Fino Restaurant is a basement surrounded by a sea of white walls and pale colored woods which is made more attractive and atmospheric by specially designed lightings.  The ambience is respectable and you feel great once inside.  In their menu, Fino offers cold meats and sea foods, Tortillas, Potatoes, vegetables and salad and many more delicious delicacies at a price of £100.00 and below.  Once inside, a first time visitor either feels or will illusion that he or she is either in Barcelona or in Madrid as many Spanish people crowded the restaurant.  Most of the foods are Spanish, the staffs are Spanish, the ambiance is Spanish and most of the people speak Spanish.  But what made the Fino distinct from the others is the kind of quality of foods they offer and also the services done by the staff.First is the Spanish tapas which truly of excellent quality.  It is a delicious food delicately prepared and variety of choices.  You can choose sea foods or hams but whatever your choice is, is guaranteed that you will be satisfied.  It is really different experience, as these foods have a lot of fresh ingredients and exactly to the taste the amount of garlic, pepper and so forth.  They were simply cooked but so soft that it easily melts in your mouth the moment you eat it.  Dinners can enjoy their meal in their own convenient manner or in the traditional Spanish style.  They can order as much or just enough but one thing very sure, the tastes of foods specially the tapas at Fino are really irresistible.But one thing that any first time visitor must expect aside from good service and delicious foods is the price.  Fino charges a service fee of 12.5 percent and prices are relatively higher compared to other restaurants.  As one customer commented, “it is quality above beautiful waitresses.”  Though at Fino, they also have lots of beautiful waitresses too.  I can say that tastes of foods at Fino are really different from any other.  It is the taste that you would come back again the next time.  Indeed, I have known some customers who keep coming back there for more that fifty times already.  And the one thing this customer keeps coming back is the taste of food and the way it was prepared.  Foods are soft and melting easily in the mouth and very delicious.But the best part of my eating experience is the accompanying chilled which is a welcome change to wine that fits perfectly with the foods.  And for me, the tastiest tapas are fried squid with lots of fresh lemons and the chorizo sausage with beans.About the staff and personnel, they are truly highly trained and services offered are efficient and they are friendly making the atmosphere more relaxing.  You can even see Chefs at work which is really entertaining.  The staffs were helpful and always wear a smile every time you meet them.  They are lovely and knowledgeable in the work and also approachable.  They are ready to extend assistance when you need them.  Of course, they are all good-looking and with pleasing personality.You will really feel great and think of coming back there once you spend time of being there for a dinner or lunch.  There, you will learn the value of quality over just the common acceptable standards.  Comparing it with my other experiences in other restaurants, it is really very different.  I had an experience at an Asian restaurant wherein I ordered the native delicacies available.  I was disgusted because I was expecting not only delicious taste but new kind of taste experience.  Unfortunately, I did not get what I really wanted.  May be it is neither the kind nor the quality of ingredients that matters, but the process of preparation and amount of ingredients needed for certain servings.  I can say that the Chefs at Fino has truly mastered the tastes of international customers to be able to come up with fine food preparations that can truly seize the appetite of even the most taste sensitive and critical customer.Of all my experiences in many different restaurants, I can honestly say that experience at Fino stands the best and well longed for.  It is a feeling of something really different from the ordinary occasion that I am inside of a certain restaurant.  A feeling of being an international customer, a feeling that I am one of those people who knew what is the value of quality and who knew what it means of good food and a good place to eat.   It is a feeling of personal satisfaction of the quality of food, of service, of the atmosphere that this restaurant offers which in my other experiences; I have not felt the same.

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