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We often blame Lenin for the atrocities of communist regime. We believe that he is guilty for millions of innocent people who died in the death camps. Unfortunately, we often forget that original ideas about communism and socialism presented by Lenin, which were greatly transformed and misinterpreted by his successors.  Communist is based on the idea of equality but these ideas were transformed and led to great suppression of individual rights. Stalin, who replaced Lenin in 1924, changed the direction of development of the country.Bolshevik party was rather small when it came to power and it had to coordinate its actions with the interests of the population in order to gain popularity. Lenin insisted on internationalism and socialism, as main principles of new regime.  His ideal was a country ruled by the representatives, who would express the will of the whole people and where people would have the opportunity for self-realization and development.  When Stalin came to power the influence of the communist party and ruling regime was immense and now he could realize his own ambitions and visions of the internal and external policy not being afraid to stay without the support of the population.  Soon after Bolsheviks came to power Lenin signed a number of decrees, where he passed land to the peasants and gave workers the right to run their factories and plants. These decrees were gradually neglected and during the process of collectivization the power gradually became centered in the hands of state officials.Lenin in his last letters to Stalin expressed his dissatisfaction with Stalin’s approach to national question. He censured Stalin’s efforts to reduce the status of Soviet republic to the autonomous unites of the USSR. Lenin believed in the ideals of revolution and freedoms and liberties of the newly created country. Stalin speculated the ideas of nationalism and used them to fight the entire nations, which became the part of the USSR. All people, who defended national rights became enemies of the regime and were defeated despite their belonging to Communist party.  Russian chauvinism flourished during the ruling of Stalin. I believe that Lenin, who proclaimed liberty and equality would be against such a suppression of all nations by Russia.In his speeches Lenin often turned to the idea of multi-party system. He insisted on the necessity of debates as inside so outside the communist party in order to guarantee the satisfaction of all working people with the government they choose. Stalin is often associated with the implementing one-party system, which left no alternative and turned ruling regime into dictatorship.The ruling regime, which Lenin created as a weapon for the working class to run the country, Stalin subdued to the interest of only person – himself. The principles of socialism and communism were neglected by Stalin. The creation of one-party state and implying dictatorial rule left people no opportunities to influence the rulers of their country.  Stalin neglected the very institution of the electing and set up a strong dictatorship of one person over the entire society. That is actually what Lenin stood against during the revolution of 1917.Dethroning tsar in 1917 Bolsheviks wanted to dethrone the dictatorship of one individual over the mass of society but in several decades this very regime was renewed by Stalin. Russian chauvinism and one-party system implement by Stalin were not planned by Bolshevist party, which was created and inspired by Lenin.  Stalin perverted the ideas of communism and socialism and made them serve his own aims.  We can see on the example of many modern countries that communism and socialism in the best case turns into a social utopia and in the worst variant it turns into the bloody dictatorship.  The USSR during the times of Stalin turned to dictatorship and all life of the huge country was subdued to the will of one individual – Joseph Stalin. 

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