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“I believe secret of success lies in Knowledge and Hard work. “Just because something is DIFFICULT doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try it. Difficulty is only a challenge; it should motivate us to try HARDER”. Even IMPOSSIBLE says I AM POSSIBLE”. I know it is not easy to get admission in your university but that doesn’t deter me from working hard towards this goal and giving it my best try. We live only once, but if we live right, once is enough’ the same truth applies to one’s career decision because the career you choose is going to live with you throughout life and the education you perceive was is and will be your friend and which will help to achieve the career goals. Moreover education is an investment that will reap rich rewards in the future and will never go waste. So one has to make wise decision in life for which he may not have to repent in the future. When I finished school I choose to pursue my career in Electronics, because of my natural ability in technology and my liking for the Electronic field .While studying for my degree, I took keen interest in Electronic device and Circuit, Electrical Technology, Network analysis, Signal ; Systems, Pulse and digital Circuits, Control system,, Digital signal processing, Microprocessors ; Interfacing, Microwave Engineering,. I have given seminar on difference topic related to Electronic such as “Electrooculography guidance of a Wheelchair using Eye movement Codification”. It illustrates about improving the quality of life for disabled people. I have undergone industrial training from Technocrat automation it’s a IAO certified institute in XXX .Apart from those academics I have successfully achieved a National level merit certificate In XXX Contest and XXX contest which was conducted by XXX and was also active in sports. In 10th grade I have secured A grade with my hard work and dedication,In Intermediate I have scored XX which is comparatively less because of health issues and In Graduation I secured XX. I Got First class in graduation. GRE score is pending but I expect a good score. I will be writing my GRE on X/X/X . I have got competitive score in IELTS which is 7 bands. My project details, undertaken during college, are as follows:Mini-project: Title: …………….. Description: ……….. Major project: Description:………………. After completion of my degree in last year I have made constant effort to develop better understanding in the field of Electronic. While doing projects I have faced problems and to solve it I have discovered in me the qualities that compel me to probe deeply in to the intricacies of electronic technologies. I feel confident that I would be able to take up any challenge and aspire to become an outstanding student in Electronic stream.I am well equipped and highly qualified to undertake challenging tasks in my future endeavor in India I had a 2 days workshop on “Telecom Next generation network” Conducted by XXX. Today I feel that my capacity to work assiduously and think creatively has been augmented by a good academics and Achievements. To fulfill my objective of been to study and equip my self with most advances research facilities and highest level of learning. With this field in India, very few institute offer a full-fledged graduate programme with state of the art research facilities.Admission to a reputed university such as your distinguish faculty and alumni and modern research facilities will expose me to the frontier of the latest Electronic technology. This will help me to fulfill my long term goal to bring new Electronic development technology to my country by setting up a Electronic industry. I am confident that your Master of science programme enjoys an enviable reputation. Also with some of the best brains around, it will be inspiring but at the same time. I also hope that I will be of some benefit to you during our prospective association.In conclusion, I would like to add that the essence of University education lies in the synergistic relationship between the student and his department. I feel that graduate study at your University will be the most logical extension of my academic pursuits and a major step towards achieving my objectives. I would be grateful to you if I’m accorded the opportunity to pursue my graduate studies with financial assistance at your institution and am able to justify your faith in me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself.

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