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There’s no denying the fact that the increasing obesity rate among adults is a serious problem, leading to the rise of medical costs and to the degradation of the general state of health of the population. Obesity drives up the costs of healthcare due to the fact that it causes chronic diseases, various disabling conditions and increases the occurrence of preventable illnesses.It stands to reason that this situation requires action. On the one hand, one might argue that a person’s weight is his or her own choice, however every single case of obesity contributes to the alarming picture nationwide. Therefore, it is clear that measures should be taken in order to decrease the scale of the problem. Solving the adult obesity problem should include efforts on the part of the government officials, communities, individuals, medical care institutions and food providers (Fierro & Lightsey, 2003).It is within the powers of an individual to remedy the obesity problem, which concerns him or her personally. Increasing physical activity can work wonders if combined with a healthy diet. Getting plenty of exercise, consuming sufficient amount of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and eliminating fattening foods are sure to alleviate the obesity problem if not solve it. However, it is the responsibility of the government and health care institutions, as well as the food industry, to facilitate the way to a healthy lifestyle for the people suffering from obesity. Including the chronic disease prevention measures and nutrition counseling in the clinical care would be an important step in the right direction. Legislation directed at establishing tax incentives for health insurers, who provide prevention care, could be extremely helpful. Speaking about the food industries, it would be highly desirable for them to provide a wide selection of healthy products, fresh vegetables and fruit. Various government-sponsored programs promoting healthy eating could also make a big difference.In conclusion, in battling obesity the combination of individual and government efforts seems essential and is likely to yield the most positive effect.

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