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A new job requires a new strategy to survive through the sluggish economy and dynamic growth of globalization. The position of management requires administrative, humane as well as business skills to run an operation. The umbrella under which you are is the umbrella of growth, diversity, dynamic services and lofty goals. The role of the manager under this umbrella means greater responsibility and more dynamic decisions. The challenge of meeting the corporate goals of the company should be based on humane and ethical principles. It should be based on the principle that should apply effective communication techniques, dynamic marketing strategies, and ethical principles to achieve high and promising goals. The current trend of the market should be studied, and future guidelines should be established. The concept of societal marketing would be a good choice for meeting the marketing goals as well as ethical principles.Societal marketing based on ethics, honesty, trust, reciprocal relationship with the community and secondary focus on profitability is the pivot in the field of business which will influence uplifting changes in the interest of the organization as well as change the character of the nation. It is the need of the time, when the impact of industrialization, cut throat competition and materialism is at its peak. “Societal marketing emerged in the early 1970s, promising a more socially responsible and ethical model for marketing” (2007) “The societal marketing concept holds that the organization’s task is to determine the needs, wants, and interests of target markets and to deliver the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors, in a way that preserves or enhances the consumer’s and the society’s well-being”. (Kotler, Philip. Marketing management: analysis, planning, implementation and control 8th ed. Prentice-Hall, 1994) ( Webber, 2001).The rising trend in globalization, emphasizes that profit alone cannot define the character and the success of the company. Along with good and humane management, the art of survival in cut-throat competition is also the strategy and well informed marketing research. This should be backed by sound national and cultural principles based on good ethics, consideration for bigger picture and profit which is progressive and beneficial for the company as well as the society. Philip Kotler, the world’s pre-eminent marketing thinker says “Good companies will meet needs; great companies will create markets,” (Kotler).There are different types of marketing and it is good to distinguish between different marketing strategies which would be appropriate for different business operations. Business marketing is purely for profit. Nonprofit marketing is used by nonprofit organizations to attract clients and funds to support social and cultural services such as aid to needy, museum and theatrical performances, public health initiatives, and others. In Social marketing emphasis is on nurturing discipline for trying to influence healthy behavior (smoking, using hard drugs). Societal marketing focuses on the impact that marketing have on the well being of the society. The companies should distinguish between satisfying a person’s needs, weighing the impact on the person’s well-being, and the impact on the public’s well-being. Thus smoking a cigarette meets the person’s need, but hurts his health, and increases the public’s health costs. (Kotler).Societal marketing is the answer for the promotion of the marketing strategy for the ITO Company, taking into consideration the bigger picture of the growth of company, the community obligation and the changing international awareness for meeting the global standards of value based business practice. Marketing is not just a promotion and profit function, business leaders and public should understand the principles of marketing and its impact on organization, industry, society and nation, on a bigger scale. There should be integrated link between product (R&D), pricing (finance) and place ( location). The marketing and the promotion, should be balanced with human factor as well as the social well being factor at the core. There should be a vision which unifies the target achievement backed by other integrated solutions. The business strategy should be based on bigger picture of growth and achievement, not just profit and loss. The dimension of marketing should encompass vision for the bigger picture with active role on the Board and well versed in accounting, finance and law. There should be balance of financial as well as strategic skills.The corporate goals of the ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing) have all the characteristics of a data-rich company. A comparative evaluation clearly indicates that this company should base its corporate strategy on societal marketing principles with strong investment in CRM. , “CRM is not a software package. It’s not a database. It’s not a call centre or a Web site. It’s not a loyalty program, a customer service program, a customer acquisition program or a win-back program. CRM is an entire philosophy.” And Edmund Thompson of the Gartner Group says, “A CRM program is typically 45 percent dependent on the right executive leadership, 40 percent on project management implementation and 15 percent on technology.”(Kotler). The global expansion, national and international competition and sluggish economy require refinement in the strategic thinking of the management. And societal marketing provides that missing link for fulfillment of these yardsticks under safe, sound, productive and progressive umbrella.Societal marketing covers the benefit of the whole range of spectrum, with focus of society as well as corporation; balancing the profitability with well being of the society as well as the nation. It is the need of the time, when the impact of industrialization, cut throat competition and materialism is at its peak. Societal marketing based on ethical and philanthropic principle can achieve this dynamic change within a society, community and a country, by raising the awareness of the citizens about the costs of the corruption to the country, addressing the concern about institutions within a country, increasing understanding regarding the factors of corruption within public behavior. The premier business publication said: “As access to capital markets around the world becomes commonplace for individual investors and multinational institutions alike, the race is on for countries to attract the foreign investment capital needed to fuel the engines of growth at home. Addressing this need for a “one-stop reference”, Forbes began with a list of principles employed by the US Chamber of Commerce when considering international investments. FORBES has listed Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the US, the UK, Singapore, Australia, Estonia, Ireland, and New Zealand as the top 10 countries in the world in terms of capital hospitality. (Ravindran, 2006).In this new age, the broader perspective for growth and development, along with greater understanding of mutual benefit and progress is what will be en impetus for survival in the race of international business. The dynamics of marketing and management requires deeper insights and wiser decisions, based on progress and prosperity. The vision should be full circle, including the part.

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