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In the wild, animals compete against one another for survival, fighting to keep their spot in the world. America, along with every other country goes through tough economic struggle, where the population has to fight in order to survive. Social Darwinism is a term used to describe the idea that humans, like animals and plants, compete in a struggle for existence in which natural selection results in “survival of the fittest. ” People living in the United States indeed, have to fight for many things in life such as jobs, sports, and ___ thus showing that social Darwinism is something that occurs.The economy nowadays has made life hard for everyone living in the United States. Job opportunities are tough to come by and only few people are able to get hired. In order to survive, one must be financially stable but without a decent job life becomes a battle. When applying for a job, a hiring manager interviews people, deciding on which person has the most potential to succeed in the position that is needed. Someone who has graduated college, has great work experience and a good background would have a better chance at landing a job, compared to someone who has not been through college, doesn’t have work experience, and has a bad record.The saying “survival of the fittest” is implying that someone who has worked hard all their lives would over power someone who has not worked hard. Social Darwinism states that people compete in social activities, and in this case one who is stronger will land a job, climbing up the social ladder to success. In addition to people showing social Darwinism in the workplace, people also show social Darwinism in sports. Sports are a big thing in the United States, along with many other countries. In sports people compete in order to win.With social Darwinism it says that you compete against something, making the “survival of the fittest” come out on top. In sports people compete for positions, for example: if you play a certain position and someone also plays that certain position, a coach would choose the strongest player to play that position in games. With social Darwinism, competing is shown in many things in life, but with sports it is most show, because competition is the main reason people play sports, to be the strongest team, competing against weaker teams to win.Along with sports showing social Darwinism, social Darwinism is also shown in smaller aspects of life such as game shows. Television is something humans enjoy to watch, including game shows. In a game show contestants compete against one another to win whatever they may be competing for, whether it is money, a car, or a vacation. In order to win the game show, one must be stronger than their oppnents; this is an example of social Darwinism. Social Darwinism means people socially competing against one another in life in order to survive, and only the strongest would survive while the weak die out.With social Darwinism people don’t always compete to survive they compete in social aspects of life such as climbing up the social ladder. Social Darwinism is a term created by Darwin’s theory of natural slection. The survival of the fittest in the wild life, with animals also applies in life with humans. In life people must compete in life in order to survive, money is a huge part of life and without it, it is impossible to live, so by social Darwinism people compete in the workplace, earning jobs and getting hired.Only the stronger person would get the job compared to someone weak. People also show social Darwinism in sports, people competing for certain position, and in tournaments, the stronger team would win rather than the weaker team. Also last but not least, social Darwinism is shown through social events such as game shows, competing for money, cars, and vacations, only having the strongest person win the competition. Life is a huge competition; if you want to be successful you must work hard and come out on top.

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