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The novel Snow by Orhan Pamuk reveals in simple terms what is happening on the other side of the globe.  From the perspective of American readers, the novel Snow has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye, with the author Orhan Pamuk following the journey of the character Ka and his return to an eastern town in Turkey.  The town is reflective of what Americans watch daily in the news about predominantly Islamic countries in the Arab region, a town racked with conflicts, both religious and secular.  However, the novel does not stop at portraying the town as such.  Its approach is easier to be identified, from the perspective of an American reader. because the author himself was schooled and educated in the West.Some verses in the novel depict this “identity crisis” as the character Ka is being warned by some religious quarters that he does not belong to Turkey anymore.  Also he is identified as one with the “infidels” (A Complete Review), because he had been gone from Turkey a long time and he has been highly influenced by the “godless” Westerners (A Complete Review).  His analysis of events as they happened, and as they were written in the novel Snow, actually a stand as proof of what he was being accused of, his perspective is different.  It is more “worldly” but at the same time more educated and exposed to the various nuances of world culture.  His stance and perception of events as they unfold no longer has a one dimensional aspect, but more accepting and at a certain extent, forgiving of those that had a very rigid framework of mind.Furthermore, Orhan Pamuk has the ability to make any reader, American or otherwise, situate themselves as the main characters of the book, Ka and Ipek, and understand where they come from. as well as forgive their shortcomings and their overall humanity.  If there is any other international author that could best describe what internal crises the people of the Arab Nation is undergoing, it would be Orhan Pamuk.  It is because he sees with two sets of perspectives.Works Cited:Pamuk, Orhan. Snow. 2002. 1-426.The complete review’s Review: Snow by Orhan Pamuk. 2004.;;

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