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In depth research was conducted and comprehensive development plans were formulated after identification of impediments and retardants. The all-encompassing sectoral development strategy involved recommending changes in regulatory environment by taking into consideration other important aspects including finance, marketing, technology and human resource development. SMEDA has so far successfully formulated strategies for sectors including fruits and vegetables, marble and granite, gems and jewelry, marine fisheries, leather and footwear, textiles, surgical instruments, transport and dairy.Whereas the task of SME development at a broader scale still requires more coverage and enhanced reach in terms of SMEDA’s areas of operation. 2 PURPOSE OF THE DOCUMENT The objective of the pre-feasibility study is primarily to facilitate potential entrepreneurs in project identification for investment. The project pre-feasibility may form the basis of an important investment decision and in order to serve this objective, the document/study covers various aspects of project concept development, start-up, production, marketing, finance and business management.The document also provides sectoral information, brief on government policies and international scenario, which have some bearing on the project itself. This particular pre-feasibility is for an In Bound Call and Support Center which is an important segment of growing IT sector. Before studying the whole document one must consider following critical aspects, which forms the basis of any investment decision. 3 CRUCIAL FACTORS & STEPS IN DECISION MAKING FOR INVESTMENT Before making any investment decision, it is advisable to evaluate the associated risk factors by taking into consideration certain key elements.These may include availability of resources, academic knowledge, past experience and specific managerial and technical skill set. A successful call center will employ persons with a minimum of good English speaking ability and good English listening comprehension; basic skills in computers and Internet such as e-mail, chat programs, and web browsing; and a polite and confident attitude toward customers. The ideal back office representative will have all of the above capabilities, but he is also motivated by something inside of himself to succeed.Other terms for this concept are motivation or self-initiative. He will pursue a good command of English written and reading comprehension, an understanding of English idioms and different types of American slang, and have a will to be persistent, caring, flexible, 3 PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center) observant, and assumptive with each unique customer he deals with. He will know that he is serving often well informed customers who expect respect.He will be able to adjust to changes in technology as well as the products and services he will offer. Hence the major success factors are: 1. Investment on staff training pays, staff is the major factor in service sector. 2. For seamless service, a good backup plan for bandwidth is recommended. 3. Choice of good equipments is critical for better voice quality: remember good quality service always pays. 4. Dependence on one big client is like driving a car without a spare wheel. In case of disaster nothing can be done.It is highly recommended to get at least two clients before starting any capital layout. Continues marketing efforts to increase number of clients is essential for the business. 4 4. 1 PROJECT PROFILE Opportunity Rationale In the year 2000, major research firms predicted that by 2003 approximately US$60 billion would be spent on call center services worldwide. India was already employing 16,000 personnel for USA companies two years ago with the claim that Indian call center agents are more reliable and skilled and can operate at a much lower cost per transaction than USA call centers.Pakistan is an excellent example of a nation of many extremely fluent English-speaking and Internet literate people who have the future-thinking entrepreneurial attitude needed by USA companies looking for outsourcing their customer support, technical support, telemarketing, accounting and more. Internet is more affordable, and bandwidth is subsidized more. Such encouragements can play a major role in acquiring business in this sector. A few of the basic reasons that make Pakistan a better choice for Call centers are: ?Pro- active Government policies encouraging growth in business process outsourcing (e. g. Software technology parks, subsidized rates of bandwidth & internet connectivity). ? Huge talent pool, with strong technical background (24 million graduates, over 0. 5 million graduates joining the workforce every year). ? Labour rate is cheap (i. e. employees with the same skill set can be hired at a much lower cost as compared to places like USA, Canada & Europe). A virtual 12-hour time zone difference with the USA and other markets for call center services is in Pakistan’s favour, an added attraction for end users and for call centers operators. 4. 2 Project Brief Call Center Definition: “A call center is a physical environment dedicated to servicing and interacting with customers or potential customers. It is comprised of agents whose primary dedicated function is to handle inbound and outbound traffic via the telephone and other increasingly available sophisticated channels” 4 PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center)Concept & Configuration: Call centers are dependent on telephony-based equipment that aggregates incoming calls, distributes them over a group of customer’s service representatives (CSRs) and queues the calls when necessary. The access to call centers is through 0800 free phone numbers. The typical services are airline booking/ confirmation, help line, banking, hotels, reservations, medical prescription entries, insurance claims and data entries etc. The customer calls are routed to the call center through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to overseas destination where trained operators respond to the inquiries of the customers.The customer is oblivious to the fact that operator attending the call is located in an overseas destination. The service requires quick response, high quality communication links and efficient handling without any noticeable time delay. 4. 3 Market Entry Timing Pakistan is among the ten most populous countries in the world with a population base of approximately 146 million. The country has undergone major economic transformation from a regulated system to one, which has seen approximately 15 years of de-regulation and liberalization and improvements in social and economic indicators across the board.The GNP per capita is US$ 492 per annum, which translates into competitive human resource cost structure for this industry and enables the businesses in call center domain to be internationally competitive. 4. 4 Proposed Business Legal Status An enterprise can be a proprietorship or a partnership and even it can be registered under company law with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Selection totally depends upon the choice of the entrepreneur. As per the size of the call center discussed in this report a sole proprietorship or partnership is recommended. 4. Project Capacity and Rationale What will make Pakistan the call center choice or even one of the typical call center choice locations of the world? It is the fantastic potential of well-educated, Englishspeaking, people-friendly citizens of Pakistan, the huge pool of those who have taken advantage of the opportunities of the Internet against many odds. The people, the Internet, VoIP long distance calling solution, and encouragement by the government can make Pakistan the call center choice, a reality. The suggested size of the call center is 20 seats (extendable to 24) with following configurations. ? ? ? 4. 6 VoIP based Voice Technology with router switching. Linux based servers , and LAN based Network Soft-PBX exchange (i. e. Software based) for call routing on network Email and live chat facility for customers along with voice Project Investment The total project cost will be Rs. 4. 65 Million Out of which 50% will be financed by bank. A total sum of about Rs. 1,102,283 is required as working capital. 5 PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center) Table 4-1: Financing Plan Description Sponsor’s Equity Bank’s Finance Total Project Cost 4. Proposed Product Mix Amount 2,328,199 2,328,199 4,656,399 This will include inbound calls, web based chat for clients, e-mail service and customer support (order taking, customer enquires, order tracking, etc. ) 4. 8 Recommended Project Parameters Capacity 20 seats Project Cost 4. 65 Million 4. 9 Human Resource Technology/Machinery 31 Foreign / Local Mix Financial Summary IRR NPV Payback Period 33. 97% 8. 72 M 3. 72 Years Location Urban Cities Cost of Capital(Wacc) 20% Proposed Location The proposed location for call center business is one from three major cities Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. 5 5. 1 SECTOR & INDUSTRY ANALYSISSector Characteristics The Pakistani IT industry centers on a strong national revolution towards developing the country as a major player in the international forum. Support programs from the government coupled with an established private sector are creating many opportunities for realizing this goal. IT professionals trained in a variety of disciplines from abroad and locally are applying their innovative ideas to maximize the benefit obtained from the information revolution. More and more international companies are seeking solutions from Pakistani professionals to remain competitive in the global economy.The biggest growth factor in Pakistan is the domestic sectors where increasing number of companies are adopting technology products developed locally. E-commerce and enterprise wide systems are fast growing with more than 2,000 websites. 5. 2 Sub sector Information IT enabled services are a market of the future. The call center business in the past decade has increased dramatically all over the world. Pakistan offers state of the art technology and infrastructure for establishing a world-class call centre. Companies in Pakistan are developing hardware and software at lower cost than our competitors.Our trained professional call centre operators are techno-literate individuals and undergo special language training courses to ensure that callers are unable to detect that they are talking 6 PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center) to someone in another part of the world. The number of Call Centers / Support Centers is increasing year by year at a compound growth rate of 10% p. a. 5. 2. 1 Sub sector Performance The Call Center is an IT enabled service which is gaining high attention in modern corporate culture and corporate governance.This sector is capable of earning multi million dollar export revenues to Pakistan. Though the current contribution of IT sector is very negligible but it has the potential to contribute significantly to GDP of our economy. Table 5-1: Regional Comparison in Call Center Growth (IT Report By Expert Advisory Cell, Ministry of Industries) 5. 2. 2 Government Policy Direction Government of Pakistan has announced policy for the establishment of Call Centers in Pakistan to provide service to offshore companies.This Includes Tax Holidays, preferred bandwidth provision on lower rates, facility of half-circuit bandwidth and permission to have full duplex VSAT based satellite back up for call centers alone. Out bound VoIP calls are only allowed to call centers so that they can provide more cost-effective solutions. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 5. 3 10 years complete tax holiday 100% ownership for foreign entrepreneurs with investment. 100% repatriation of profit for foreign owners One stop /one window approval process Subsidized office space in Technology Parks in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Subsidized Bandwidth Cost for Call Center Operators.Low cost financial assistance for IT ventures creating jobs and foreign exchange. Legal Issues Regarding Industry Application forms are available in the office of Manager Corporate Customer Centre Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. These forms are also available on the website of PTCL (www. ptcl. org. pk). Photocopy of the form can also be used for registration. Applications will be submitted along-with photocopies of the following documents: A NIC/Company Registration B National Tax Number C Name of partner (s) with contract specifying requirements and intent at foreign end. PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center) i. Provisioning of Facility Initial demand note will be issued by Manager Corporate Customer Care (CCC) who will coordinate for provisioning of the facility on receipt of paid copy of Demand Note. ii. Bandwidth For international call centers, bandwidth is available on half-circuit basis as well as on public Internet backbone. The call center operator will arrange the far end half-circuit through the foreign operator. The bandwidth tariff of software exporters will be applicable. ii. Billing Manager Corporate Customer Care (CCC) who will act as primary interface with the call center operator for all telecommunication requirements will coordinate with offices responsible for preparation and raising the bills and ensure that billing is done regularly for international connectivity/PRIs. iv. Customer Facilitation Code 128 is available for registration of faults of ISP/Data/Software exporters at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. DE IT Maintenance Support will be responsible for rectification of faults and satisfactory service to the valued customers.In case of regions, other than Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad, DE’s nominated in each region by the respective GM’s to handle ISP/Data Software demand will also handle this demand following above laid down procedure. 6 6. 1 MARKET INFORMATION Market Potential With an estimated 5,000 Telemarketing, Tele services agencies and Call Center providers in the United States and over 800 in Australia, the search for a partner can be time consuming and frustrating this posse a huge market potential in coming days. As per a market study by Call Center Journal, in 1999, the outsourced inbound U. S. all center industry was worth over $10 billion and is expected to be worth around $35 billion by 2005. The business potential lies in U. S. A. , UK, Canada and other Western economies. It is estimated that approximately 22 notable organizations and another 50 less known call centers operate in Pakistan, operating 5-100 seats. Of all the call centers, 60% operate less than 20 seats, 30% operate 20-50 seats and 10% operate 51-100 seats. There are Government sponsored plans to set up call center hotel of 1500-2000 seats where the infrastructure would be provided and the seats could be leased to various users with their own management.The call center industry in Pakistan is still very young with 80% of such operations having set up in the last 2 years. 6. 2 Target Customers The potential customers are as follows: ? Large Telemarketing companies ? Companies with high customer interaction i. e. service providers like banks, hotels etc. 8 PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center) ? ? Large companies with high volume of inbound calls like airline booking/ confirmation, help lines for insurance companies etc. Marketing Companies 7 7. 1 PRODUCTION PROCESS Process FlowProcess Flow Diagram: 7. 2 Service Mix Offered The proposed business model is to provide Inbound Call and support center with possibility of online web based chats and emails inquiry backup. This service mix is the best combination for small to medium scale call center. 7. 3 ? ? ? Technology and Processes The proposed technology to be used is the VoIP based Call routing with Sea-Me-We3 based Fiber optic full duplex bandwidth provided by PTCL and VSAT Satellite Bandwidth backup for continued service. The PBX exchange is replaced with soft (PC based) software telephone exchange (http://www. igium. com ) to bring in extra features like IVR and Advanced call waiting and to bring in cost efficiency. The server software recommended are all Linux based including the email exchange. 9 PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center) ? ? ? Network load management is also a crucial factor, for more convenient management of network Eddie Network Management System is recommended for more info please visit http://eddie. sourceforge. net. For recording of voice data on system servers NAS is recommended for more info please visit http://radscan. om/nas. html The network over view is as follows: The Diagrams provided here are only subjective to provided operational and cost constraints. For more in-depth knowledge of technologies available and technological tech papers please visit http://www. bitpipe. com/rlist/term/CallCenters. html? src=google. Voice Flow Diagram: 7. 3. 1 Technology/Process Options As other technological solutions are also available in the market but the suggested solution is proven to be better in both quality and cost effectiveness.The alternative modes can be the lowest cost solutions like SuperFone which gives access to the service without even using any infrastructure except the Bandwidth. But of course it will not give the scalability and the quality large North American companies want. One other solution may be using all hardware based equipment like PBX exchange and using an even better voice compression codec like G. 711, but off course it is not very cost effective and is only suitable for some larger call center with more then 100 seats capacity. 10 PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center) 7. 3. Machinery & Office Equipment Requirement Following is the list of machinery required to setup a call center: Table 7-1: Machinery Requirement Description Router Network Switch Voice Interface Card LAN Equipment LAN Server Client Computers VSAT Equipment Misc. Equipment (Generator & UPS) Total Description Furniture Air Conditioner Computers for Executives Executive Notebooks Fax Machine Total Table 7-3: Description Tech. Standard (Voice Codec) Router Manufacturer Backup Bandwidth Software Costs PBX Exchange Network Switch VSAT Satellite Modem VSAT Transceiver VSAT Antenna and LNB LAN Cable Connectors etc. Technical Information Assumption G. 29A Cisco 512 K VSAT Linux Based (Open Source) Software Based 3Com Hughes/ViaSat Hughes/ViaSat Local Manufactured Lucent Local Manufactured 11 PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 No of Units 1 1 1 2 20 1 Price/ Unit 105,000 77,000 58,000 20,000 38,000 22,000 580,000 450,000 Total Cost 105,000 77,000 58,000 20,000 76,000 440,000 580,000 450,000 1,806,000 Total cost 500,000 150,000 175,000 175,000 10,000 1,010,000 Table 7-2: Office Equipment Requirement No of Units 6 5 2 1 Price/ Unit 25,000 35,000 87,500 10,000 Annual Growth N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center) LAND & BUILDING REQUIREMENT Rent Cost (Rs. ) 25,000/- Table 8-1: Rent Cost Area 1250 Sq. ft The required area for the proposed capacity of 20 seats is 800 Sq. Feet covered area for call operators and an additional 450 Sq. Feet for executive offices and meeting room etc. This space should be available in Lahore at around Rs. 25000 per month. 8. 1 Utilities Requirement Telephone line all free of distortion, Electricity, Natural Gas and a clear rooftop (for the installation of VSAT equipment). 8. 2 Suitable Location Any location which has all the utilities required and is free of noise is suitable for this operation.Like in Lahore places like Allama Iqbal Town, New Garden Town, Muslim Town, and Defence Housing Society are recommended. 9 HUMAN RESOURCE REQUIREMENT Following HR is needed for this project: Table 9-1: Human Resource Requirement Description Owner Network Administrator LAN Administrator Operators Accounts Officer Security Guard Peon No of Employees 1 1 2 24 1 1 1 Salary/ month 50,000 15,000 12,000 21,000 8,000 3,500 3000 Annual Salary 480,000 300,000 288,000 6,048,000 96,000 42,000 36,000 12 PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center) 10 FINANCIAL ANALYSIS 0. 1 Initial Project Cost Office Equipment: Furniture Air Conditioner Computers For Executive Use/Note Books Fax Machine Network Installation & Other related equipment: Router Network Switch Voice Interface Card Misc. LAN Equipment LAN Servers Clients Computers VSAT Equipment Misc Equipment Preliminary Marketing Expenses Preoperational Expenses Working Capital Required: Total Project Cost Financed By: Sponsors Equity Bank Finance PKR 500,000 150,000 350,000 10,000 1,010,000 105,000 77,000 58,000 20,000 76,000 440,000 580,000 450,000 1,806,000 55,000 683,115 3,554,115 1,102,283 4,656,398 0% 50% 2,328,199 2,328,199 4,656,398 Preoperational Expenses Set up Inspection Cost 1 Month deposit of Bandwidth fees Prepaid Insurance Advance rent 318,289 174,191 40,635 150,000 683,115 13 PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center) 10. 2 Projected Income Statement Projected Income Statement Rs.In Thousands Year – I Sales/Revenue Cost of Sales: Add opening stock Operating expenses Less closing stock 11,832 Year – II 13,666 10,172 10,172 3,494 1,776 478 1,240 210 1,030 1,030 (69) 961 Year – III 15,784 10,820 10,820 4,964 1,975 552 2,437 154 2,283 2,283 961 3,244 Year – IV 18,528 11,567 11,567 6,961 2,205 648 4,107 98 4,009 4,009 3,244 7,253 Year – V 20,380 12,414 12,414 7,966 2,426 713 4,827 42 4,785 4,785 7,253 12,039 Year – VI Year – VII Year – VIII Year – IX 22,418 13,256 13,256 9,162 2,668 785 5,709 5,709 5,709 12,039 17,748 24,660 14,318 14,318 10,342 2,935 863 6,544 6,544 6,544 17,748 24,292 27,126 15,497 15,497 11,629 3,229 949 7,451 7,451 7,451 24,292 31,743 29,839 16,802 16,802 13,036 3,551 1,044 8,440 8,440 8,440 31,743 40,184 Year – X 32,823 18,245 18,245 14,577 3,907 1,149 9,522 9,522 9,522 40,184 49,706 9,624 9,624 2,208 1,598 414 196 265 (69) (69) (69) Gross Profit Operating Expenses: Administrative Expenses Marketing Expenses Operating Profit Financial Charges Profit before Taxation Taxation Profit after Taxation Acc. Profit b/f Un-appropriated Profit c/f 14 PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center) 10. 3 Projected Balance Sheet Projected Balance SheetTangible Fixed Assets Preliminary Expenses Current Assets: Accounts Receivable Pre-paid rent Pre-paid insurance Cash in Hand / Bank Year – 0 2,816 547 150 41 1,102 1,293 4,656 Owners Equity: Capital Accumulated Profit Long Term Loan Current Liabilities: Current Portion of Long Term Loan Accounts Payable Year – I 2,264 438 986 165 334 1,485 4,187 Year – II 1,834 328 1,139 182 1,275 2,595 4,757 Year – III 1,498 219 1,315 200 3,350 4,865 6,582 Year – IV 1,234 109 1,544 220 7,026 8,790 10,133 Year – V 1,025 1,698 242 11,497 13,437 14,462 Year – VI 858 1,868 266 17,188 19,322 20,180 Year – VII 724 2,055 292 23,663 26,010 26,735 Year – VIII 616 2,261 322 31,000 33,582 34,197 Rs. In Thousands Year – IX Year – X 527 454 2,487 354 39,283 42,123 42,650 2,735 48,997 51,732 52,186 2,328 2,328 2,328 (69) 1397 2,328 961 931 2,328 3,244 466 2,328 7,253 – 2,328 12,039 – 2,328 17,748 – 2,328 24,292 – 2,328 31,743 – 2,328 40,184 – 2,328 49,706 – 4,656 466 65 531 4,187 466 72 537 4,757 466 79 544 6,582 466 86 552 10,133 95 95 14,462 104 104 20,180 114 114 26,735 126 126 34,197 138 138 42,650 152 152 52,186 15 PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center) 10. 4 Cash Flow Statement Projected Cash Flow Statement Rs.In Thousands Year 0 Profit before Financial Charges & Taxation Amortization Depreciation Working Capital Change Cash form other Sources Owners Bank Finance Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 – 196 109 553 1,240 109 430 2,437 109 336 4,107 109 264 4,827 109 209 5,709 167 6,544 134 7,451 109 8,440 89 9,522 73 858 (895) 1,779 (163) 2,882 (188) 4,481 (241) 5,146 (168) 5,876 (185) 6,678 (203) 7,560 (223) 8,529 (246) 9,595 119 2,328 2,328 4,656 4656 2,816 547 191 1,102 4,656 1,102 1,102 (37) 731 731 (768) 1,102 334 1616 675 675 940 334 1,275 2695 619 619 2,075 1,275 3,350 4240 563 563 3,677 3,350 7,026 4978 508 508 4,470 7,026 11,497 5691 5,691 11,497 17,188 6475 6,475 17,188 23,663 7336 7,336 23,663 31,000 283 8,283 31,000 39,283 9714 9,714 39,283 48,997 Total Sources Applications: Fixed Assets Preliminary Expanses Preoperational Expenses Working Capital Re -Payment of Loan L C Charges Capital Investments Tax Cash Increase/(Decrease) Opening Balance Closing Balance 16 PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center) 11 KEYASSUMPTIONS Table 11-1 Revenue Assumption 20 seats 85% 12 Hrs a Day 5% $ 1000 Rs. 58/10% 10% $1,242 per month 15% of PTCL Price $1500 per month 5% of PTCL Franchise Rs. 25,000 per month Rs. 6. 75 2. 5% 5% 3% 10% 10% 25% Rs. 109,496 1% of Revenue Rs. 25,000 per month 10% 0. 3% of Revenue 1. % of Revenue Total Capacity Capacity Utilization (year 1) Basic Working Hours Capacity Utilization Growth /year Service Charges per seat/ month Dollar rate Sales Price Growth rate Table 11-2 Expenses Assumption Electricity Growth Rate Bandwidth Cost PTCL Price Fees Back up Cost Provider cost PTCL Franchise Building Rent Electricity Rate Per Units Repair Maintenance (%age of Machinery Cost) %age growth in repair maintenance Insurance (%age of Machinery Cost) Payroll Growth rare Depreciation Office equipment Telecom and Computer Equipment Amortization of Preliminary Expenses Table 11-3 Operating Expense Assumptions Printing and Stationery Consultancy Charges and Audit fee Consultancy Charges and Audit Fee growth rate Entertainment Expenditure Telephone, Fax and Postage 17 PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center) Table 11-4 Financial Assumption 10 Years 12% 5 Years 20% 2 50:50 30 days 30 days Rs. 1,102,283Project life Interest rate Debt tenure Discount rate Debt payments (in 1 year) Debt : Equity ratio Table 11-5 Cash Flow Assumptions Accounts payable cycle Accounts Receivable cycle Minimum Cash in hand 11. 1 Operational Assumptions ? The Equipment to be used on client side is omitted. As per industry norm it is assumed that the client side equipment will be provided by the client. 18 PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center) Annexure 19 PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center) List Of Machinery & Software Suppliers Description Router Switch Linux Soft Exchange Voice Interface Cards Network Load Balancing Sound Recording Software Computers Server Client Computers VSAT Equipment Misc.Network Equipment Network Installation and Consultancy Main Se-Me-We3 Bandwidth Backup VSAT Bandwidth Manufacturer Cisco 1751 http://www. cisco. com 3Com 3300 Series http://www. 3com. com RedHat http://www. redhat. com Digium http://www. digium. com Digium http://www. digium. com Eddie http://eddie. sourceforge. net NAS http://radscan. com/nas. html Any Local Vendor Any Local Vendor ViaSat http://www. viasat. com Local Vendors COMELS http://www. comels. com PTCL http://www. ptcl. com. pk IntelSat http://www. intelsat. com OR GlobeCast http://www. globecast. com Useful Websites www. sellingpower. com www. callcentermagzine. com www. erlang. com/forum/callcenter www. thecallcenterschool. com www. pakistancallcenters. com www. seb. org. pk www. ptcl. org. pk www. pta. gov. pk 20 PREF-81/Feb, 2005/Rev 1 Pre-feasibility Study Call Center (In Bound Call and Support Center) Glossary of Terms VOIP CSR PBX LAN VSAT Full Duplex CCC PRI ISP CODEC UPS LNB SE-ME-WE-3 Voice Over Internet Protocol Customer Service Representative Public Branch Exchange Local Area Network Very Small Aperture Terminal Two Way Internet Connection (Including Downlink and Uplink) Corporate Customer Care Primary Rate Interface (Includes 30 Lines) Internet Service Provider Coding and De-Coding Algorithms Uniform Power Supply Low noise block downconverter Sub-Marine Fiber Optic Cable (Used By Pakistan)

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