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Norms in groups are a criterion against which the correctness of behavior is adjudicated. Consequently, norms in groups decide the behavior expected in a certain circumstance. Group norms generally are developed during the second phase of group communication and decision making and conceded forward into the maturity phase.The second phase of group communication and decision making begins when things commence to reconcile and the group moves towards a superior stability. Group norms are recognized, ‘roles’ are documented and associates of the group know what is expected from themselves as individuals but also as a team. There is a sagacity of team strength that begins to materialize uniting members of the group as an entity. (Motherwell, 2005) The group also turns out to be more competent and controlled and even though there may still be disagreement obvious members correspond more explicitly and truthfully.Norms in groups present basic rules for how associates of a group working collectively. In this manner, every member will be familiar with right from the beginning what to anticipate from one another and can keep away from a lot of needless conflicts. By offering a foundation for foretelling behaviors of other members of the group, norms facilitate members of a group to perform in a mode consistent with and adequate to the group. Lacking of norms in a group will lead the activities in a group to disorder.Lack of traditionalism to group norms may consequence in oral abuse, corporeal threats, banishment, or expulsion from the group. Group norms are imposed, conversely only for behaviors that are essential to group members. (May, 2003) Members of a group may consider one thing and do a different to preserve membership in the group.

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