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Leadership had acquired many definitions but when you analyze the different definitions, it certainly will have the same meaning. Leadership is the ability or the capability of a person (referred to as a leader) to make an influence and impart motivation to a group of people (sometimes called team or organization). The leader is the one who has the sole responsibility to let his members make rational and reasonable contributions for the effectiveness and success of the group. Basically, the leader is a very essential part of the organization.Leaders can be similar to the chameleons in many ways. A chameleon is a kind of lizard belonging to the family Chamaeleonidae. A very interesting physical attribute of the chameleon is that it has two rotating eyes (Animal Planet, 2007). These rotating eyes do actions independently from each other. When an eye is looking upward, the other eye can look downward. A leader could not have this physical attribute but he could be able to have such ability in some other means. This is comparable to a leader being very sensitive to the things that happens around him. He is not just concentrated to only one point when leading but also sees many alternatives that he could utilize to become an effective leader. Another amazing physical characteristic of the chameleon is that it is able to change its skin color or it is able to blend its color to the color of the environment (Animal Planet, 2007).Of course, a person could not have this amazing physical attribute but he is able to do this in some other way. A leader should be very sensitive on the things that his members are doing and saying. He should listen to both sides if ever a problem was encountered. He should not judge according to his own perception, but he should judge according to what is right. He is able to blend in different types of emotions that his members show. Chameleons have sticky tongues that could be extended so that they would be able to capture their prey (Animal Planet, 2007). A leader could also extend his abilities in order to accommodate new knowledge and skills that he could use for the betterment of the team. Knowledge and skills that a leader has is an essential factor for the success of a team. Thus, a leader is not focused on his personal life but he is focused on the success and effectiveness of the team.

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