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I think Six Characters in Search of an Author was a great play – it was complex compared to the other plays we have read in the class but I found that its complexity is what separates it from all the other plays and it is what makes it a truly spectacular feat.The complexity of the play lies in its metaphysical approach on theater. Unlike other plays, it dares to stage life on the stage and the life of the characters that actors portray. The main statement that it puts forward is that ideas and concepts have lives of their own – thus, the characters seek to have their purpose fulfilled, to have their story acted on the stage so that they may achieve immortality and fulfill their destiny. They were in the first place conjured to be played on the stage, and they want it to be done. This surrealism is what makes this play great, because the play depicts the life of a story’s characters and not the story out of real life. It shows the other side of the theater, the creative process involved in making a play. I think that ultimately, what the play wants to impart is that the story, the play, the characters themselves are not just reflections of society, but are art forms in themselves.The play proved to be a difficult read in the sense that it does not follow the traditional. The concept itself is a novelty – characters barging in on a rehearsal. It is difficult to make sense out of the play if one would try to make sense of it in a vein of realistic plot, because it is metaphysical in nature. It is surreal – it gives voices and forms to ideas to show how story and execution merge in the theater.I think the stage directions and the incomplete sets are requisite to achieve the overall theatrical feeling in the play. It has been said that this play is like a “theater in a theater” and true enough, it is not as grandiose like Oedipus Rex but it does give a twist in the storytelling and the subject of the play itself. Whereas plays are often about tragedies, comedies, and life reflected on the stage, Six Characters in Search of an Author can be deemed philosophical as it brings on the stage the problem of ideas and their reality.Also, the bareness of the set, I think, is necessary to draw the attention of the audience to the characters themselves and not on the visual images that the set and the props can induce. It also helps to draw the point that all stories and plays are works in progress and that only when it is staged and seen by the public do the characters and the story become immortalized and in a way finite and fulfilled. Before then, they are subject to revision and even abandonment.I agree that the chaos does make it all the more difficult to follow the play – it is easy to get lost with the Characters and the Actors and their respective agendas and the overwhelming dialogue of storytelling and protests, but it serves its purpose – these are beings who are fighting for their existence, and more than that, their immortality and reputation. Much like humans, each of them wants to be seen in a favorable light. Also, I think it is interesting to delve deeper into how the Author’s conception and development of the Characters affect their actions and words even as they move outside the Story the Author intended for them.In the end, although it can get difficult to make sense of the play because it is not linear and does not follow the traditional rise and fall of action, I deeply appreciate the ideas that this play sought the audience to ponder, and I think that this is one play that is highly ambitious in that it dared to break away with the traditional. It may be complex because of the subject it portrays, but it is all the more powerful in making its statement, that literary characters have a life of their own, sometimes even more real because they are more imagined than real people’s.  

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