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At Shoreline Community College, students avail of different services such as job placement, orientations, day care, food services, counselling and more. Among these, what caught my attention were the Advising and Counselling services. It is nice to know that in this institution, I could find a friend from the advisor of my chosen service. Here, I can ask for guidelines on my personal and professional life as a student and as a member of my family and community.In one of my queries on this service, I discovered that they have friendly and accommodating staff. They give you quality service and would walk an extra mile just to serve the students. I know that I have chosen the best school now that I have proven it and have seen how efficient the services they offer.If you are too busy to drop by the office, you can contact them through phone or online and schedule your meeting with an advisor. You can chose whatever is most convenient for you.Among the many concerns that are being addressed by the Advising and Counselling Department, I decided to learn more about the Personal, Educational and Career Counselling. I was enticed to check this kind of services because there have been a lot of times that I need to manage and balance my life as a student and my personal obligations as well.From this service, students will be able to download their emotional burdens without being judge on who they are. The advisors are willing to listen and give advice, if needed.You can share your personal problems no matter how big or small they are. You are sure that someone will listen and you have a shoulder to lean on. After all, our emotions make us human and it is okay to talk about it especially if you know that you are carrying a heavy load and you just need to let go of it.Small personal problems that are left unchecked and mismanaged could lead to more complications later. It could affect one’s self esteem which has a domino effect in one’s performance as a student and as a member of the community.In this busy world we live in, we often forget to see some of the minor details in our lives that matter most. Just like sharing your apprehensions and dreams with someone you know you can trust and would help you succeed not just as a student but as a citizen in your community. The counselling advisors will help you with that.If only students learn how to maximize the use of Advising and Counselling services, then I think there would be more graduates each year and lesser students who transfer from one course to the other. From these services, students get professional advice to help them decide on what they really want to do with their lives.I believe that most of the students dropped out of school because they lack guidance on what to do next after college, or worst do not even know their purpose of going to school. But if everyone knows what they want, then perhaps they would be able to decide better for their future.Advising and Counselling services are indeed a vital part of the Shoreline Community College. It is something that students should avail while they are still in campus. This service is even available to prospective students who wish to enrol with Shoreline Community College. I will surely tell my friends to consider studying in this school too and to visit a counselling advisor one of these days.Discovering this service helps me pursue my chosen career. I know now that I am on the right track after taking a Career Counselling Exam which proves that my interests coincide with my chosen course. I had a great time knowing this service and would definitely visit them again.

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