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Sexual violence is one of the grave problems of humanity these days.  Victims of this kind of aggression suffer from a large range of undesirable consequences.  In view of that, it is important that the cause of sexual violence be controlled, if not completely wiped out.Some statistics show that most performers of sexual violence are men. 100% rapes, 92% physical assaults, and 97% stalking acts are among the deeds of sexual violence made against women since the age of 18 men. Moreover, even sexual violence against men is for the most part male violence: 70% of rapes, 86% of physical assaults, and 65% of stalking acts were carried out by men. (Tjaden and Thoennes) These figures reflect the condition of society nowadays. A lot of men are actually enslaved by their aggressive sexual desires, and regrettably the excessive sexual yearnings of some men lead to violent sexual acts.  Many might be thinking that this societal problem is something really new.  On the other hand, men’s sexual violence existed even before, can it can be traced to men’s belief that they are superior creations.The reading The Origins of Men’s Sex/Sexual Violence offered a sound background of the sexual violence among men.  The author highlighted certain points that explain the emergence of male sexual aggression.  Among the points that are very convincing and enlightening are the tenets of male power.  The whole idea of male supremacy is a strong point that can help in understanding the sexual violence concept.  The strong conception of men that they dominate women is a big factor in their perpetration of violent sexual acts.I strongly agree that the first tenet of male supremacy greatly contributes to men’s sexual violence.  According to the first tenet, men have the tendency to use “physical strength over and against others” (Price) I agree that this can be one of the reasons why men have more incidents of perpetration of violent sexual acts.  Since they are physically stronger than women, there is truly a big tendency for them to give in to the desire to physically and sexually abuse women.  Furthermore, they think that, with their physical strength, they can endure engaging in sexual behavior that is too risky.  Risky sexual activities include early sexual instigation, unprotected sex, having multiple sex partners, selecting unhealthy sexual partners, and choosing sex over other needs like food. (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)  They believe that their bodies have the capacity to do as much sexual activity as they want, even to the point of being violent.The third tenet of male supremacy is also very much related to sexual violence. Men, according to this precept, are “logically aggressive, inherently combative, and genetically cruel” (Price) In general, men have firm reasoning, and they have the tendency to stick to their grounds no matter what.  They think assertively and most of the time, they act on their forceful desires.  It is by nature that they are aggressive.  Sometimes, when they loose control, they go beyond the limit.  Some men harass women because they aggressively desire it.  Since their logic would dictate that society will accept their superiority, they carry on with their cravings to sexually harass women.The violent sexual behavior of men can, in fact, be traced to society’s notion of male supremacy.  What is inside the mind of a man is the beginning of his deeds.  Therefore, if he accepts that he is superior over all women, he would most probably find it normal to sexually harass any of them. Works CitedPrice, Lisa. “Feminist Frameworks;The Origins of Men’s Sex/Sexual Violence”Tjaden P, Thoennes N. Dardis Full report of the prevalence, incidence, and consequences of violence against women: findings from the national violence against women survey. Washington: National Institute of Justice; 2000. Report NCJ 183781.Center for Disease Control and Prevention April 10, 2007 htm 

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