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We have observed nowadays how people changed especially the kind of youth we have in this present generation. This generation is full of curiosity and really indulges on things without any hesitation and apprehension what might happen in the future or what will be outcome of their actions. Many people nowadays specifically young ones or the teenagers get pregnant because of their curiosity about their opposite sex, its body parts, which will lead into sexual intercourse.  Because young ones are lack of knowledge about what sex is really all about, they are easily influence by peers to have sex in an earlier and inappropriate age that is why many teenagers have babies without planning it carefully. Because of this dilemma in our society, our Department of Education wants to include Sex Education in our curriculum to educate the students not mainly on sexual intercourse but to discuss the different parts our bodies in a detailed manner and give the students an awareness on what will be the consequences if they indulge on it and if they do, they will be taught on how to handle circumstances which are beyond their control.And the school will also teach the students about abstinence in order to avoid teenage pregnancy or get pregnant in an early age. It is very important that young as they are, they will be aware on what is that issue all about. It does not mean that we will spoil their innocence but rather give them awareness on why they need to abstain from that thing while they are not yet capable to handle responsibilities and obligations. However, it is still a big debate by many whether to include it in the school curriculum or not. Many parents are agreeing to it but several too are against of the proposed idea. Sex Education does not focus one issue but rather educate the students about how the human body works and functions.This paper intent to discuss my wrong perceptions regarding sex and human sexuality and how do I react when I learned the truth about it.II. DiscussionWhen I was young, I could still remember how my parents and other relatives call our sex organs. Every time I saw a female sex organ, they would tell me that it was a “flower” and if it was a male organ they would tell me it was a “birdie”. That wrong information was inculcated in my young mind. I never questioned them of what they have taught me because I do believe in them. Until such time that my teacher in kindergarten two asked us to bring our favorite flower and tell us why we like it. When I heard my teacher, I immediately asked her in a very innocent way why she was asking us to bring our favorite flower when the boys cannot bring theirs because they do not have “flower” and what they have was a “birdie.” I can still remember the reaction of my teacher. I know she was a little bit surprise but the good thing was she understood what I asked. So what she did, she got my notebook and wrote a letter to my mother to inform her that our assignment was to bring our favorite flower.When I got home, I immediately told my mother what our teacher has required us to bring and let her read what my teacher has written on my notebook. Since I was really puzzled, I asked my mother why my teacher was asking us to bring our favorite flower when all of the girls have the same “flowers”. My mother was so surprised when I asked her about the issue but then, she had decided to explain it to me in the simplest way as she can so that my wrong notion regarding our sex organs will be corrected. That was the first time I heard her saying that boys do not have “birdie” but penis and girls do not have “flower” but vagina. Later on and when I was already a grown up young person, it made me realize that my parents would addressed sex organs as “birdie” and ‘flower” because they do not want to “pollute” my young mind and it was awkward on their part to mention the correct names. But in my side, it was very confusing. It embarrassed me too in front of my teacher and my classmates.Another thing, when I was in my elementary years, I thought that only married woman would get pregnant but when my Science teacher has discussed to us that females can be impregnated as soon as they started menstruating and I discovered too through her discussion that it is risky for a teenage girl ages 13 to 15 to get pregnant because its reproductive system is not fully developed. The advisable age to get pregnant is 22 and up but not later than late 30’s because complications might occur.When I entered in Junior High, my interests in knowing more about sexual organs and sexual intercourse have ignited. I know it was part of my growing up and out of my curiosity as teenager. My perception before regarding ejaculation was that, men only produce semen when they have sexual intercourse but I was very surprised when my teacher has told us that men, especially young men, also ejaculate when they are asleep. They called it as “wet dreams.” This would mean that men produce semen while they are sleeping. When I learned this truth, I was just laughing out loud because I felt so ignorant and stupid.In addition, I have another wrong notion about menopausal. I thought that only adult women experienced menopausal but I found out through my Science class that adult men also do. But the only different is that, when women get menopause they cannot longer reproduce babies while men can. Along the way, I realized that I should need to learn more about human sexuality so that I will not be ignorant and be embarrassed about it.III. ConclusionLearning the exact terms related to human sexuality is very important and I strongly believe that it is better to discussed human sexuality and sex in an early age so that children will be educated about it. Yes, it is a taboo in our society to discuss such “delicate” topic to our younger generation but I am sure that the more it will be discussed, it will stop there curiosity and would never have sexual intercourse at an early age.Moreover, teenage pregnancy is very rampant nowadays; that is why teenagers need to be educated about what sex really is. They should know the responsibilities accompanied by it if ever they will engage in sexual activity. And it is natural for the government to spend funds for such program in order to preserve and restore our youth. How can our youth be the hope of our tomorrow when their lives are already miserable because of having a child in an early age without knowing their responsibilities as young parents and how about if they are already transmitted with diseases such as Sexual Transmitted Diseases?

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