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Various literature explicitly show how organisms, for example,  the amoeba, develops or changes into other kinds of life forms that in turn also advance to more complex creatures like amphibians, reptiles, mammals and then ultimately humans. However, nobody knows accurately when or perhaps how male and female sexes began. Questions like “what is the origin of sex” or “how did sex or sexual reproduction” came about make evolutionists embrace complete silence.Sex and its so-called “evolution” with its associated reproductive capability has never been a desired matter of deliberation within evolutionary clusters and that is because notwithstanding the many suppositions the evolutionists have thought up and tried to defend, they still have to overcome the snag of illuminating on the source and foundation of the very first male and female (be it plants or animals or humans) needed to initiate the whole process.A Most Probable ScenarioBillions of years ago, single-celled life forms reproduced asexually. This type of reproductive capability produces accurate replicas of their parents, (what is known today as “clones”), hence, intrinsically have less genetic variation, that is, the kind of variation that can pave the way for enhanced adaptability and bigger chances of survival in extremely dynamic environmental conditions (Zimmer, 2000, p. 163) which are oftentimes naturally nasty for those who are not instinctively fit.This reality is known to the Great and Intelligent Designer.  Since “survival of the fittest” has always been the rule in this universe, the Great Designer wants every creature to have at least a chance to survive.This Great Entity is aware that asexual life forms can be jolted to evolve to sexual reproduction if they are subjected to high levels of mutation brought about by extreme environmental stress such as strong radiation exposure or a cataclysmic meteor. So, a gigantically powerful meteor was allowed to strike down the planet which at first glance was intended to annihilate all forms of life. Nonetheless, that wasn’t the intention. It was just to push organisms to drastic cataclysm so that they can evolve to become sexual creatures and thus can produce “offspring” that possess “diverse” genes in them so that they can better survive in their respective environments.Summary / ConclusionThere is no ordinary and detailed elucidation for the source of sex and why it is being sustained today. A profound question would be – is sex the product of a chronological accident or the brainchild of an “all-knowing” and omnipotent Architect?The exceedingly complicated way in which the human body reproduces a new human being is not a product of simple chance or a lucky roll of the dice. This is the product of an Intelligent Designer of things. As what Albert Einstein once said, “God does not play dice with the universe.” 

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