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The book reflects very vividly the working condition and social life of the poor immigrants women employed in the garment manufacturing sector of New York. The book presents an in-depth analysis of their plight, and is a sad commentary on the social conditions prevailing in the garment industry of New York.In the mid-nineteenth century the garment industry first emerged in the city of New York as an important segment of economic activity and as a large employer of the immigrant women workers. At that time, the toiling women of the New York’s garment industry were Irish, Jews of the East European countries, Italians, Puerto Ricans, as also African Americans. While reading the book, you will notice that nothing has changed during the last 150 years: the working condition as well as the social life of these working women has remained almost the same. The cramped workshops where they work, the poor wages, and the long working hours have continued. Only the faces have changed. Now, most of the workers are Chinese, Mexican, Dominican, and Ecuadorians.I found the book, Sewing Machine, really engrossing and while reading the same a sad feeling enveloped me: the feeling of the toiling women and the straining circumstances in which they work in one of the largest metropolis of the world, the mega city of New York. I found the description of the poor and toiling women based on real stories really appalling, and at the same time realistic to the core. The book is really revealing. After reading the book, I am inclined to agree with the comments made by Linda Kozlowski in Altar Magazine, “Chin’s strong writing allows her reader to see and feel the garment worker’s exhaustive struggles on a daily basis.”

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