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Bank earnings and profits are usually measured from the services bank offered. There are different services that our bank offered. Financial services included certificate of deposit, loans, transactions, insurance, investment certificates, and stock investments.During period 2.3 and 2.4 the credit card fee was kept constant at 3.30. Fees and credit card fee was kept minimal to gain more customers. Period 2.3-2.4 and 3.1 showed a minimal fee for credit card. However, the net profit for this period was very low. I decided to lower the fees of credit card. Hence for period 3.2 and 3.3 I decided to waive off joining fee for the credit card and to reduce annual fee. The fee was kept as low as 3.20 for two months. Lowering the fee of credit card may attract more customers to use our credit card services. For period 3.4 it was increased to five in order to get high price even for less number of customers. In period 4.1 it was again set to 3.30 as I noticed that during period 3.4 when fee was high (5) less number of customers hired our services as compared to previous period. By comparing the income generated through credit card service between different periods it was observed that period 2.3 to 3.1 showed highest volume of customers hiring our services as compared to other period. Lowest volume of customers was observed during the period of 3.4 when credit card fee was set at 5. Hence, I decided to keep credit card fee as low as 3.30 which was the best rate for highest profits.Certificate of deposits play a pivotal role in generating profits for the banks and the clients as well. CDs is most reliable and long term investment by the customers. The interest rates are locked-in for specified time. The higher the person’s investment and duration of time the more profits are expected. Local, state and federal taxes must be paid. Period 2.3 showed a higher fee for CDs, however a decline in investment. During this period very less profits were generated. I decided that during stage 2.4 simply reduce the total cost by 100. During the period 2.4 and 3.1 the fee for CDs was more stable and reliable. Period 3.2 increased in fee for CDs. However, during 3.3 and 3.4 these rates were brought back to the normal rates.By reducing the cost of certificate of Deposit, more customers can invest in this service as well. For the next 4.1 period I suggest that we can offer more services to improve bank’s overall performance.By keeping the costs of service charges low we can attract large number of customers to hire our services.Fees can be charged for ATM, processing transactions, check book issuance, account maintenance fee for account holders with balance below $300.A checking account initiates our affiliation with the customer. A checking account forms the basis for the investment in other products by the customer.  For period 4.1 I also suggest that we can start some sort of “free services” and few of them can have hidden charges that apply to only certain conditions that customer has choice to opt for. The reason that we must offer some kind of free-checking is because currently we have immense kind of pressure and competition with other banks.Free checking and regular checking can be the major boosters on the economy. Free checking can have positive impact on bank’s financial statement. Free checking limits certain charges on the customer that relieves them. Penalties can be imposed on the account holders who have overdrawn the funds from their bank.In addition to the commercial and regular checking, free checking can offer many added advantages in order to initiate cross selling of other products. Banks can sell investments like mortgages, insurance and financial products. Free checking is said to be free not because it is “free” but there are other related services and costs associated with it. For example, penalties, late fees, advance charges for cash and other recurring charges.Check bouncing can incur cost of check processing fee. Customers usually pay this amount in order to avoid the aggravation of the situation. For bounce charges our bank can deduct $15 to $25 for each transaction made. On all account holders with positive balance a profit of $3-$6 can be added. Free checking and other free services can enhance customer relationship. Bank can cross-sell other products to the client once he signs of any one of the services listed. A transaction fee of $3-$9 will be imposed on bouncing checks. Certificates of deposits can be offered in various packages. We can offer a 90-day, 180-day and 1-year package. With a minimum of $300 investment a customer can have a 90-day certificate of deposit investment. Similarly $1000 for 180-day and $5000 for 1-year are the most appropriate prices set for the next period of 4.1. Time deposit accounts can also bring in huge investment.Adding bonus to the consumer account for signing up any services will enhance our relationship with the customer and subsequent cross-selling of other products and services.During period 3.2 higher earnings were observed from investment and loans. Liabilities and equities mentioned are not very easy to reduce.In addition to the monthly processing fee for maintenance charges of those accounts with low balance there can be other fees associated with other services. Other fees that can be imposed are closing account at once after opening it.Additional fees originating from services are debit card fee, traveler’s check, pay order, bank draft, wire-transfer all have minimum account of transactions fee when processed. A minimum of 2% can be charged for each debit card transaction.

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