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1.  A person who has developed a new concept or system can have a perfect idea of implementation. A person perceiving multiple will have the following advantages in organizing the activities:He will have perfect control of his ideas.He can estimate the sequential process need to be implemented.He can be the sole responsibility for the success or failure of process implementation.He will be the only authority to amend the current processHe will have the freedom for decision makingDisadvantages:Ideas may be confined to his himselfMay not have innovation of diversified thoughtsThe person may be crowded to involve in organizing two many activities leading in discrepancies2.         He may not be distinctive in delegating the same thoughts to his subordinates. The work culture may be same for periods of business seasons. Cost benefits may be overshadowed by the complexity in organizing many responsibilities leading to discrepancies. Due to lack of distinct adept monitoring the operational performance may come down leading to losses. The growth and expansion may become an uphill task p perceive. Growth rate may stagnate leading to chaos of working ability of the firm.3.         A series of concerns may alert the management to address. But rating the most important concern may not rise the overall performance. A change may not occur with the same brain working on the issue to be addressed. The concerned person may not have the ability and excellence to solve the concern more effectively.Reference:Chuck Sullivan, July’2006, Delegating duties, Director of Athletic communications, Harvard University available at

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