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The senior project, the project all seniors dread as they enter their very last year of high school. Although the projects seem pointless at the time, once you begin it and really try to do your best, you realize the reasons behind it. I’m sure there were many reasons, but the ones that I came up with are actually rather simple. When you leave high school, you have many choices with what you can do with your life. You can go to college, go into the force, or take a year or two off.Because of this, one reason is to get you prepared for the rest of your life, and to get outside experience in your chosen field of study. In doing this, you can figure out whether or not you really want to do what you have planned, get an idea of what you want to do if you have nothing planned, or see what you’re good at and enjoy. Another reason is to get experience in volunteering. Personally, I did not going into the topic that I want to study, I just volunteered because it’s hard to find things to do with Physics.In the process of doing this project, I learned a lot about myself. I learned that when you’re giving back to people in need really does make you feel like a better person. Seeing the hospital employees look at you like you were truly helping them. There were also personal lessons that I learned. You can’t rely on other people to help you with your project, and if you are responsible enough to do the project on your own, I suggest not adding people to your group. I surprisingly learned a lot from other peoples’ presentation, especially from those people who did construction.My father does projects around the house, but I was too young to remember. He put an addition on our house with a full basement underneath, but it’s been done for years. Watching the people in my class do their own construction projects was really cool. For example, Brennan Files. He had a shed in his back yard that he decided to redo. I’m sure he did way more than fifteen hours on his project, and he had so much work to do. The end product looked amazing, and I bet he is so proud of himself and probably enjoys his personal space.Another interesting project that I saw was done by Katie Stogsdill. I thought it was so cool that she took a sport that she loved and taught it to children that don’t have an opportunity to do it in the middle school. She said that there was no modified team anymore, and volleyball, much like gymnastics which I am familiar with, is hard to pick up unless you start at a young age. Also this gives kids a chance to be active and see what sports they like, what skills they have, what they need to work on, and maybe even something to pursue in the future.Something that I noticed about my journals was that I spent about the same amount of time volunteering than I actually wrote about. The time was split half and half with volunteering and research. A lot of the research had to do with things like how to volunteer, requirements, phone calls, paperwork, and looking up the background on the hospital. Something that I spent a lot of time on was my oral presentation. I read through it multiple times, and I even dressed up and set up my computer in my bathroom in front of the mirror to practice it.I could have improved on my speaking when it came to be presentation day. One of my weaknesses is not talking fast when I have to speak in front of people. I did notice that once I was in front of the class, the speaking became easier with time. I hope that my presentation was successful because I think that most teenagers think of volunteering as an annoyance, it really does make you feel better about yourself. Knowing that I helped the very busy hospital staff that dedicate their lives to helping people, and the children who spent their Christmas in the hospital puts a smile on my face, as cliche as it sounds.

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