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Latin music sensation Selena was tagged as the unrivalled Queen of Tejano Music. But her blossoming career and well-meaning life were cut short with her untimely death in 1995 – and sadly, it happened in the hands of somebody who was once her good friend.Named Selena Quintanilla in real life, she was born in Lake Jackson, Texas and was a real performer even in her early age. At six, she was already a budding star in her own right and at the moment she turned nine, she is singing in her own band named Selena y Los Dinos that her father founded. Her band sings regularly at a family owned restaurant and even if the bistro eventually failed, Selena and her band successfully recorded two songs under their name.Selena officially recorded her first album in 1984 for a local record company. Her second was in 1986 and just year after that, she was named the Best Female Vocalist and Performer of the Year in the Tejano Music Awards. She then went on and held that recognition for at least seven years (Behnke, 2005).Selena met her husband Chris Perez in 1988. Perez is also a musician and he too owns a band. Perez was hired by her father to play in their band. But when he discovered that the two fell in love, Selena’s father disapproved of it. He tried to fire Chris but eventually, he gave in and asked them to get married. They did get married in Nueces County, Texas on April 2, 1992.Selena’s fame continued to rise as she successfully held concerts in places like New York, Houston, Central America, Argentina, and Puerto Rico. She had been chosen as an official endorser by different commercial companies including beverage giant Coca-cola. She was even given cameo roles for Hispanic films like Don Juan DeMarco, which starred Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp.Everything is rosy for Selena until she discovered an anomaly happening in her business she personally owned. Selena owned a chain of boutiques and the president of her fan club, Yolanda Saldivar, managed it. Selena found out that there was a lot of money disappearing from her business and she decided to confront Yolanda about it. They met at Days Inn and there, Selena requested the paperwork of the business for tax filing. Saldivar purposely delayed handing over the papers saying that she was under stress herself because she was raped. To prove that, Selena drove Saldivar to a hospital but doctors found no evidence for such. When they returned to the hotel Selena asked for the papers again and that’s when a heated argument between them arose. Saldivar is carrying a gun then and she shot Selena in the back as she was going out of the room to leave. Selena reached the front desk half-bleeding to death but she was able to name her assailant and where she was shot. Selena eventually died in the hospital from blood loss (Valdez, 2005).Selena’s death had caused distraught and grief to both to Latin and non-Latin music fans alike. The loss of a great Mexican singer hand created a big impact throughout the American community that a lot of activities were made in her honor, including memorials and vigils conducted all over the nation. After her death, Selena’s two hits “Dreaming of You” and “I Could Fall In Love” had made it in Billboard’s Hot 100.Selena’s assailant was convicted and is sentenced to life imprisonment in 1995. Two years hence, Selena’s life story was made into a film entitled “Selena.” Jennifer Lopez played the main role, and it actually became her own stepping-stone to stardom. This film written and directed by Gregory Nava was the biggest tribute given to Selena and the life that she had lived.  

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