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Explore is an online company which proposes a great number of travel services for diverse customer targets. Travel agencies, like iExplore, are becoming more and more interlinked on a world-wide basis. Travel industry that deals in large transac­tions for companies are becoming increasingly globalised.iExplore proposes travel insurance services, medical services and concierge services. The main products and services proposed by iExplore involve tours and expeditions, hotel and air booking services. The main activities are bicycle touring, canal and river cruising, canoeing fishing, mountaineering, safari, ecotours, snow sports, etc. iExplore provides detailed information about their products and activities. In order to carry out their activities and the execution of work, the site provides a combination of informative, advisory and communicative features. These activities reflect the ability to get along with other people, and are important attributes at all levels of interaction. The degree of technical competence required varies according to the type of information provided.iExplore follows differentiated strategy oriented on diverse customer groups with different offerings. Product and price differentiation allows iExplore to attract diverse customers proposing unique services and products. For instance, customer can select a price from $1,000 or less to $5,000 or more according to their income and family size. Also, they can select length of the tour and calculate the cost of holidays. iExplore engages in differentiated target marketing, offering a full range of services within a given product category. Clearly there are advantages in following this approach based on the business efficiency. Those products which lend themselves to a standardized approach are those for which there is a sufficiently large global market segment and cultural differences do not impose the need for adaptation. To an extent, then, the greater potential for raised profitability resulting from more efficiency in business functions is undermined by the additional costs required to market the brand on a broad scale. In iExplore, the price of the product conveys much more to the consumer than simply the amount of money required to make the transaction. Price plays a powerful role in product positioning as it indicates to customers the ‘value’ of the product, that is, both the actual and perceived value (Fill 1999).Electronic commerce makes it possible to take market segmentation to another level, by providing an economical means by which iExplore can deliver individualized products and services to each and every customer based on feedback and interaction with the customers. Relationship marketing strategies embrace this idea of treating each customer in an individualized way. Behavior segmentation is focused on whether or not people buy and use a product, as well as how often and how much they use or consume. Specification in iExplore is determined as a result of an organization’s policy, which in turn resulted from decisions on its market policy, which in turn resulted from its consideration of the market or customer needs, requirements, and the activities of competitors. If customers cannot afford premium services, where the prices are too high for them, they can choose quality services at low price. Target market is divided into two broad categories: foreign and domestic customers. Psychographics segmentation includes values and attitudes of potential passengers. The main attitudes are truly high standards of services and excellent support services at comparatively low price (Fill 1999).For comparison shoppers, iExplore proposes product comparison chart and top 10 best selling tours. Also, comparison shoppers can review different prices and offers, read search travel reviews. Shoppers can compare advantages of tours and services reviewing ‘Travel Specials’ and standard offers, prices and length of each tour, number and quality of services provided. This approach serves the customer’s best interests.

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