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For a newcomer in the office, it may be tricky to go through the processes and procedures of office matters and office politics. There is also the crucial issue of planning and working out a career, which is more than just keeping a job. It is therefore necessary to have a mentor who can provide guidance and advice in the rough road of the corporate world.It is not easy, however, to look for a mentor. Although there are supervisor-staff relationships in the workplace, the mentor-protégé relationship is not one which is actively pursued. Yet, it is necessary for growth and for further advancement and development of an individual in the company. A mentor should be one who knows the ins and outs of the company and has had considerable length of experience. As much as possible, the mentor should have the same background and same set of prior experiences as the protégé in order to be effective. He or she should possess a friendly and caring outlook and not the type who bullies the protégé into learning important lessons. At the same time, the mentor should be able to direct the protégé and guide him into further developing strengths, compensating for weaknesses and helps identify opportunities that may come the protégé’s way. This way, the relationship will grow and there will be mutual benefit.Women and minorities, however, may find it difficult to look for mentors simply because they are outnumbered in the workplace. It is still possible for them to get a white male mentor; however, the experiences and views of the white male mentor might not be what the woman or minority protégé needs. As such, there will be a mismatch of the advice given and what is needed.

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