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What are the real causes of the rash of school shootings and other public violence and what are the long lasting solutions to these problems?According to a study at Alfred University, statistical polls show that students think the number one reason for school violence is directly linked to revenge. Respondents were asked to rated 16 possible reasons for school shootings on a 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) scale. Their top 5 reasons they believed attributed to school violence were:1. Other kids picked on them, make fun of them or bully them.2. They want to get back at people who have hurt them.3. They don’t value life.4. They have been a victim of physical abuse at home.5. They have mental problems. The reasons for school violence and other public places that ranked the lowest were because they were bored, they were afraid for their own safety and they had been encouraged by others to commit a violent act upon others.Many individuals preform copycat incidents, where they observe the huge amount of publicity and attention the violent person has received from his wave of violent activity they impose on others and try to gain the same amount of attention in their own spree of violence.We learn from an article from Dale Leibe, (Leibe, 2007) that “The suburban schoolyard shootings epidemic was set off by a well publicized incident at a High School at Sayville, New York in 1992. An eleventh grader at the suburban school named Kevin Duschenchuk set off the trend by bringing a handgun to school to shoot a classmate.” We learn that these copycats got their start in the year 1992.This article explains that, “The weapon was found in his backpack. The principal of his school, Joseph Buderman, said according to the March 25, 1992 edition of Newsday, that Kevin Duschenchuk was a good student.”We realize that not everyone who commits these crimes and school and in other public places have faces of criminals. Many of these individuals who commit these violent crimes are known as the boy next door, or the person who didn’t ever cause any trouble.We get more valuable information from an article from Teen’s Health, (Dowshen, 2007) when he tells us that, “Someone on the verge of violence usually displays warning signs, which can include:1. Playing with weapons, of any kind.2. Bragging about acts of violence he or she would like to commit.3. Showing an obsession with violent movies or playing violent games.4. Bullying or threatening other people.5. Cruelty to pets or other animals.These symptoms from individuals at school or other places that are public should be closely looked at and monitored and when these actions are seen from others, it should be clear that they need to seek authorities who can examine these actions from the individual who is demonstrating this type of behavior.We learn in these articles that there are steps we can take to prevent this type of violence from occurring. (Teens Health, 2007) In the Article “What Can I do” we now learn that “Someone on the verge of violence usually displays warning signs” and these warning signs must be addressed properly.We read in this article that, “If you’ve witnessed or experienced violence of any kind, not talking about it can make feelings build up inside and cause problems. There’s even a condition, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that can develop in someone who has lived through a traumatic event, such as a serious car accident, physical or sexual abuse or a shooting.”For long lasting solutions to these problems associated with school and public violence, we must take action in order to prevent any further tragedies from taking place, against innocent people.In an article submitted by Fox News, we learn that to stop this violence, we must limit the coverage that is presented to the public by the media.(Telluride, 2007) “Here is the problem: We have a school shooting. The media covers it, and as a result of the media coverage, we have more shootings. So the solution is simple: No more media coverage of school shootings.”It is obvious that the media plays a huge role in these incidents which take people’s lives by broadcasting these events which demonstrate the attention and fame that the person who commits these crimes, receives.Also, we must always be aware of the personalities that are around us, each day and pay attention to any warning signs they make be displaying to others, who can seek advice and help for these people.Another solution we hear in this article is a suggestion. “I would put prayer back in schools and not try to wipe out any reference to God or Christian principles. I would teach the 10 Commandments-”Do not kill” is one of them. It appears that none is teaching our kids (or anyone) right from wrong or personal responsibilities and consequences. I firmly believe that only God can change the hearts of men and that is the only thing that will impact the safety of our schools and life in general.”(St. Clair, 2003) In a letter submitted by Bill St. Clair, we read that, “We’ve got to protect our kids from gun violence. I’m sure more gun laws will work almost as well as more drug laws. If 20,000 gun laws don’t keep our kids safe, I’m sure that 20,001 definitely will. Not! According to Census Bureau estimates for the 2000 year, America has 51 million school-age children. My memory says that about 50 kids per year have been shot at school, recently.”The regulation of gun laws should work, substantially. If more guns laws were put into effect, these guns that are being used in crimes in school shooting and other public places would drastically decline.The National Center for Children Exposed to Violence offers this important  information. “The topic of school violence is one that affects all of society. Aside from interfering with the learning process, the long range effects of school violence affect all of us. Statistically, children who engage in bullying behavior are more likely to to become adult criminals.”We also learn that, “Many children who display violent behavior at school are exposed to violence or abuse outside of school and may be in need of help from adults. Frequently, school mental health professionals and social workers are the main providers of mental health services for children.”Mental health services should be mandated for all schools where individuals who are experiencing mental problems can have a resource to turn to. Also, it is important for other individuals to have someone who is trained in that area, to have someone to talk to about individuals, who they discover may be suffering.All schools should hold meetings, in which symptoms of danger are discussed and where students are able to voice their opinions about their safety to others.We must also provide safety measures at public places, such as metal detectors, officers and other forms of protections, where individuals are not free to carry guns into these areas.Most schools have taken on a strict policy of zero-tolerance against school violence. Many interventions are available at public places, such as schools, which include conflict control.These intervention methods must be place in every school, in order to stop these violent acts from happening. Good citizenship instruction, peer mediation and early warning signs and crisis intervention programs, must also be readily available in all public places where these traumatic events may take place.All citizens must pull together and discuss these issues and keep them fresh on our minds, and we must always implement safety measures for the welfare and protection for those who are in danger from individuals who are experiencing problems due to mental health, bullying, abuse or any other factor which contributes to shootings.

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