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Making educational choices has never been easy in the US, a nation that offers its citizens a wide range of possibilities in this area. I have opted for SCAD Atlanta and have not yet regretted it. One of the most important reasons for my choice was the fact that SCAD Atlanta is a small campus in the city’s midtown that gives students chances to enjoy individualised attention. In my view, studying at a small campus like SCAD Atlanta maximised the student’s chances of success by giving students better opportunities and helping faculty and staff do their job.In a small class, students receive far more attention and can build their skills more effectively. I would not want to wait for an hour for my turn to speak in a foreign language class or feel lost in a discussion when there are so many people present. On the contrary, in a small class one feels almost like in a family. When I am speaking, I am not taking someone else’s time because everybody gets their turn. Besides, I am aware that I know personally all or most people in the classroom, which makes me feel better and more confident. Discussing student opinions is a critical element of the learning process because it helps students to build their critical thinking skills and form independent opinions. SCAD Atlanta gives students excellent chances to do that. Arranging smaller groups, the university helps students to develop personal relationships that will last a long time and turns the whole student body into a closely-knit family.Besides, on this campus students can do a lot of projects, and once again, the small size of the groups enables students to benefit from these assignments. In an art college, peer critique is of great importance as it helps students to realize their strengths and weaknesses and gain new insights. In SCAD Atlanta, there is mostly enough time in class to discuss everyone’s project, which makes classes really interesting and relevant to personal study objectives. In addition, professors can spend more time on the art project because the number of students is small.Overall, greater attention from professors is what adds attraction to small-size universities. Faculty, faced with a lesser number of students, can use targeted, individualised approach that suits the needs of a particular student, leading him or her to success more effectively. In our classes, professors can devote more time to listening to each particular student and sort out individual problems. There is more time left for advising, and therefore advising can be more efficient in helping students uncover their potential. This is very important because professors are sources of knowledge that they have accumulated over years of their work and are willing to share with students. At SCAD Atlanta, students can effectively use this wealth of information, and professors have a chance to make their efforts in reaching individual students successful.Thus, SCAD Atlanta is a relatively small campus that offers students great advantages in the tuition process. In smaller classes, they can develop lasting friendships and receive individual attention and peer help. This contrasts with larger classes where students will not be able to receive an equal amount of attention. Project work is helped immensely by this individualised approach as students can get to hear many opinions of their work that help them to speed up their progress. This is a very important feature of art studies. Finally, getting maximum help from professors is what ensures students’ chances of success. Therefore, studying in such a small campus helps students achieve their goals and develop qualities and expertise essential for their professional career. 

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