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Saving Private Ryan has earned the credit to being the most graphic and realistic portrayal in the history of war movies. Steven Spielberg did a superb job! This movie is now in line along with other Spielberg masterpieces and other classic movies. It won Oscars for best direction, best editing (by Michael Kahn), best cinematography (by Janusz Kaminski), sound and sound effects.  As you would expect a Spielberg movie would – it awed audience, sending them to tears, making them feel a helluva of emotions – a combination of fear, anger, warmth, hunger, cold – as he stage the terror of war  before the world’s eyes. Spielberg made the movie agonizingly powerful, riveting and unforgettable. The movie send a very powerful message from start to finish – war is hard, it is hell and it is not for the weak of hearts.World War II is considered as one of the greatest horrific wars of the 20th century. It aroused from the huge conflict between the Allies led by the U.S.,Great Britain, and Russia and on the other side were the Axis led by Germany, Japan, and Italy. From 1939 to 1945, it was a war that costed millions of lives and helped change the outcome of world power as the Allies defeated the Axis.Based on actual events, Saving Private Ryan was inspired by five Sullivan brothers who has enlisted in the Navy after having their friend killed at Pearl Harbor. All of them were assigned to the same ship which was attacked November of 1942 at Guadalcanal. All but one got killed during the onslaught. The brother who survived was attacked though by a shark a few days after his brothers died. He also died. It is said that the Sullivan family by far has made the biggest sacrifice in the long recorded history of war. Two ships were dedicated subsequently to honor their memories.The story is staged during the Normandy invasion – a straightforward documentation of every soldier’s struggle during the battle. The plot however is inspired by mother who has lost already 3 of her sons to war. So as not to aggravate the mother’s suffering the forth and last son needs to be removed from battle. It revolves around an army captain – Capt. John H. Miller, played by Tom Hanks, in 1944 WWII Normandy who leads his platoon in German-occupied France to find a lost paratrooper whose brothers were killed in the war. Spielberg explored the journey of courageous men trying to findanother soldier to bring him home while exploring great lengths of themselves in and out of combat.Interesting characters in the movie includes Private Ryan, nicely played by Matt Damon, while stunned to learn of the loss of his three brothers, remained loyal to his platoon – “These are my brothers now” – and does not want to abandon them, especially since they are in a dangerous position and about to be overrun by the Germans. Corporal Timothy E. Upham, played by Jeremy Davies, who loses his nerve. Being a translator who had never seen action before this mission, the Corporal’s reaction is but natural. He freezes in fear while on a stairway trying to get ammunitions to his comrades. He sees as one of his comrades is brutally killed by a German soldier just a few steps away. Any person who fears  war can identify with him. And of course, Capt. John H. Miller, played by Hanks. Hanks is sensitive, stalwart and stoic, heroic, humble and human as Capt. Miller and his is the central and key performance. He wonders if he will survive and has a hand that occasionally trembles, but he is resourceful, alert and responsible for his men.The mission was preposterous. Why send only a platoon if saving Private Ryan was so important for morale and public relations, especially since his whereabouts were unknown and very deep behind enemy lines. But well, Hollywood justifies itself. It is to Spielberg’s great credit that such analysis and analogies have not been levied against this film and that is because its direction, cinematography and acting are so sensational and riveting and spellbinding that such criticism simply falls away before the wrenching emotional impact of this film.References;;

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