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Every company brags a bit when they are looking for new employees but as they often realize their good salesmanship can blow right up in their face unless they draw a firm line at the right place. If you are selling your company really high to your potential employees chances are that they will join you with expectations you will be in no position to meet. For starters they will expect a great pay package, some great perks and benefits and a certain sort of office atmosphere.While all these might seem like demands that are easy to fulfill it would be wise to mention that these are just the tip of the ice-berg. Market statistics prove that companies that overdo their salesmanship during recruitment tend to lose large numbers of the new recruits within the first 2-3 months itself! Loss of new recruits creates an immediate need for newer recruits and thus the cycle goes on and on. (Lamb, 2004)Recruitment is one of the most extravagant projects taken up by any company. It involves expenditure at various levels and frequent or repeated recruitment can soon suck even a well-functioning firm dry. To avoid any such hazard you’d be best advised to stick to the facts and resist overselling your company to a newbie. That might be a difficult thing to do, but better be safe than sorry.References:Lamb, D; (2004); Cult to Culture: The Development of Civilization on the Strategic Strata; Wellington: National Book Trust 

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