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The artist is in a state of desperation to sell his work to feed his family. Yet he makes no attempt to make his end products look more attractive or desirable in the way he carelessly displays them. The studio is in a deplorable state with no attempt to display the artworks in their most favorable light . Yet he is anxious at what the potential buyers think of his work yet he holds back. He is either too humble or secretly despise the idea of parting with his works.Even when prodded by the buyer to provide more information about a painting on flowers – when asked what flowers they were he replies “Nothing – not real flowers – just anything at all”. It shows his lack of wanting to close the sale – that little bit of effort it takes to get a potential buyer to conclude the sale. He further aggravates the situation by not wanting to part with a painting he painted for his son when the buyer clearly wanted it.The artist clearly needs the money – he springs into action only when he senses his chances are slipping away. Why the procrastination? Hoping to sell it for a higher price ? Reluctant to part with his works? By the time the buyers were about to leave , only then did he spring into action – being flexible with the various options he offered them. It was way too late – the perfect time to close was long gone.His desperate attempts makes his buyers uncomfortable – they shy away from him and the situation becomes a bit embarrasing and awkward for them. There is a perfect time for everything – the sale should have been closed when the buyers showed enthusiasm for some paintings. Some effort should have been made to extend some additional interesting features to each artwork. It was simply an artist that was not a good salesman and he learn the hard way not to pull back and close a sale quickly.

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