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Saddam Hussein; A political Biography by Efraim Kursh and Inari Rautsi is an illustrative book that provides an in-depth study into the political character of Saddam Hussein, his psychological personality, his preconceived notions that was a result of socio-economic milieu in which he was brought up, his effect on the contemporary political history of Iraq, his relation with world powers and his stature within the Arab politics. Muhammad Jaff’ar Mahallati, a professor at Columbia University has rightly said that “this book gives the reader a sense that he is living in the mind of Saddam Hussein and his surrounding atmosphere.”( Mahallati, 1992)Writers have tried to provide each minute detail of his political progression in a chronological order starting from his early political career. They further depict his ascension to power in 1979 and his efforts to perpetuate and solidify his regime, the establishment of a political system in the 1980s, total control of Ba’ath party, war with Iran that was motivated by some internal factors, the post Iran-war economic crisis that compelled Saddam to attack Kuwait and the Gulf crisis etc.They also explored the inner working of Saddam’s mind and elucidate how expertly he eliminated his real or imaginary adversaries like Kurds, shia, other political bottlenecks etc. This book further provides a comparative analysis of the Saddam regime with other totalitarian regimes across the world and finds similarities between them. Both writers refer Saddam as “fundamentally cautious man” and “cautious yet daring.” The most important characteristic of the book is that both writers have tried to capture the psychological motive that prompted Saddam to take a particular action. Their depiction of Saddam is not stereotypical as most other biographies have depicted him but is real, genuine and authentic.ReferencesKursh, Efraim and Rautsi, Inari. Saddam Hussein; A political Biography. New York.Free Press. 1991.Mohallat, Jaff’ar. Review: Saddam Hussein; A political Biography. Political ScienceQuarterly. Vol. 107. No.3 (Autumn, 1992). Pp. 536-537.

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