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Andy Stern is a union leader. He is the president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and this same organization bolted out of the AFL-CIO the national federation of unions (Stern, 15). This gives him the right to talk about labor unions and the labor movement. This also gives him the right to criticize the current state of things and he is very passionate about changing and fixing what he perceives as the evil destruction of employees and employers.The main thought from which he builds his whole thesis is in the subject of inequality. This is where Stern scores major points and he is conclusions were justified. He then went on to say that people are working hard but they are not earning more. Then another layer of inequality is placed on top of this fact. Stern asserts that while factory workers and the average employee strived hard to work very long hours 7 days a week, the corporate elite are earning more and more money, the disparity increases until the difference is so obscene that many took notice.From this premise of inequality, Stern was vindicated. He is also affirmed as an acute observer of human nature. He was able to figure out what America needs to stay on top of heap and stay on course as the alpha dog. Stern proposes that workers should not be made to jump through as dictated by the elite and yet suffer more harm than good.Stern was correct in saying that the older way of doing things is passé and therefore there is a need to adapt to a growing business environment. He was correct in saying that creative solutions are the key to solving major issues plaguing the economy and the labor sector.The creative solutions that Stern is talking about concern a radical view of how U.S. labor unions and U.S. workers see the world. Here is the genius of his book his philosophy lie. There seems to be no other union leader or even economist who thinks like him. It is also not difficult to admire his bold stance and his desire to go to the road less traveled.Stern’s passion stems from a no nonsense view of things. Stern is not afraid to go to where no dares to go because he realizes wisely that Americans have no other choice. It is time to make a decision. Will this be the time to be bold or to wither and die from inactivity and fearful intimidated actions. Stern was correct in going after the root cause of all the problems that is happening in this country and that is globalization.Stern was very much correct in asserting that instead of shrinking from and erecting a high wall to protect workers from the effects of globalization, it is high time to embrace it. To open America to the world and then from there create out of the box thinking that will solve the toughest of problems.Instead of competing in the traditional way of slashing prices and reducing overhead Stern propose that the employees take an active role in changing their destiny. This requires the participation of all workers from all walks of life in every form of organization in the United States. Every worker who does not yet belong to a union must join one and preferably the union that takes a more radical approach to solving today’s problems.As mentioned earlier, instead of working with corporations to help them reduce their operating costs, thereby reducing the prices of their commodities and then providing better products, Stern is turning the concept on its head. He is suggesting that it is the union that works in the front lines and help the organization to cut costs.A way of doing this according to Stern is to create universal solution. A universal labor union and even a universal health care system is part of the theory. The wisdom of such a plan is easy to understand. It is to create a balance in the world economy. There is no way that Americans can fight globalization. Instead of complaining that jobs are being offered to workers overseas, why not work in partnerships with the workers in China. This way the corporate giants could not do the old trick of divide and conquer. If Chinese workers will be given full rights and privileges that an American is supposed to receive if the same work was being offered in the United States then the big firms cannot go on exploiting these workers in other third world countries. This means that if they realize that if the cost of operating is the same in China as in the United States then there is no reason of moving all the factories out of the country.The major weakness of his idea is of course easy to see. There exists a huge gap between the Chinese way of life and the American way of life. There is a vast difference in the things that motivate a Chinese person versus his or her American counterpart. There is also a language and culture gap that has to be bridged. Moreover, the American work force has much to lose and very little to gain as compared to the Chinese who has almost nothing to lose and much to gain with the coming of foreign investors. This means that firms can easily blackmail the Chinese and bully them into submission if they want to. 

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