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I adjusted the camera and I surveyed the scene once again. Although it was 10 am of morning and I had been shooting since 6, my spirits were high. Every shot had turned amazingly beautifully today and now I was in a kid’s playground for the final round of photographs.It was a glorious day. Bright and sunny. Wads of white cloud leisurely moved in sky without touching the golden beams that lit up everything in a pleasant glow of warmth. The playground itself was serene and without kids, but everything seemed filled up with life and energy. Colors floated to me as I looked at the red, greens, yellows and blues of scoop slides, swings, merry go round and see saw  gleaming in the light. Gleaming and smiling. I could almost hear the laughter and joyful cries of children that filled up this playground every evening.The playground had a baseball diamond on the left and a picnic ground on the right. The landscape before me formed fantastic geometric patterns on this account. The Square playground covered with light brown wooden chips merged continuously with the yellow-green-red diamond of baseball field and lush green circle of the picnic ground on either side.Sun shone brightly and the baseball field and playground glazed in brilliance. More so because I was close to them. The picnic area formed a perfect background to this scene presenting a spectacular vision on the whole.  A large part of the picnic area was under an old shade covered with climbing vines, bougainvillea for most of it. Rocks and boulders were randomly dispersed to give a natural setting to park. Various plants, bushes and small trees adorned the entire picnic area. Their outer edges glowed in a green haze and grass and rocks below them were dotted with tiny sun beams filtering through the foliage. Charmed and satisfied, I looked in the viewfinder and clicked a perfect shot.Scene 2I adjusted the camera and surveyed the scene once again. It was 10 am in the morning and I was feeling tired and spent out. I had failed to take any noteworthy photograph despite working from 6 am and now here I was in a kid’s playground for the final round for the day.It was just 10, but the sun was high and blazing in anger. The sky was dusty and cloudless except for a few loitering lumps of clouds that could not provide any respite from the blast of the heat flowing to earth.I looked at the play ground to find any suitable view to capture. It was a desolate scene that met me. Without any kid or sight of a soul around, the playground looked abandoned, an area fallen out of use. Oddly colored metal pipes of scoop slides, merry go round, swing and see-saw cast hard shadows on the wooden chips that smoldered in the intense heat. Patches of paints were peeling off from some places and brown rust glowed with a dull reluctance underneath it.On the left there was a baseball field. Its grass had all dried up in yellow and dust color and clay had become hard. There was no wind but I could see the simmering air above the baseball field rising. Both the baseball field and playground glazed in a blinding white haze that made difficult looking at them for five straight minutes.On the right of the playground I could see a covered picnic area. There was no one there either, nor a sound to assure of a living presence. It was dead quiet, like its companions. The shade of picnic area was dilapidated and covered by age old leaves and veins of bougainvillea. There was not a tree to speak of around it. Just puny shrubs, half grown trees and plants with drooping leaves. The entire picnic area looked sad and depressing, enwrapped in dark and listless shade of green without any other color to break the monotony. I shook my head in despair and switched off the camera without taking a single shot.Conclusion/AnalysisThe two contrasting descriptions presented above pertain to a single scene. There is no change in place, time, weather condition or even the angle of observance and yet the conclusions reached are remarkably different.This dichotomy has nothing to do with the scene itself which stays identical in both the cases. The real reason is the mood of observers who are looking at it and getting affected in entirely opposite ways. We can say, that these descriptions are not of scene but of the mood and outlook of observers themselves.In the first case the observer approaches the field with a cheerful and optimistic disposition. He is satisfied and happy and sees the reflection of his own optimism and happiness in the scene before him. He is charmed and amazed by everything. Nothing appears to him ugly or depressing. He sees brilliance of colors, greenery and brightness all around. In his contended approach, the entire scene appears to him peaceful and engaging.The second observer approaches the same scene with a different mindset. He is dejected, perhaps pessimist and certainly not in a positive outlook. He takes a sordid view of the scene, in conformation of his own mental state. The day is not sunny but blazing to him. The kid’s playground with its equipment fails to impress him; rather he tries catching their shortcomings. Absence of people and sound is taken as bleakness rather than peace and tranquility. And the picnic area too appears as dull and depressing to him.Therefore we can conclude that in the general sense different people look at the same thing to reach different conclusions. In analysis and interpretation, of immutable facts people tend to act through their biases and present their conclusion not just on facts but also on their emotional perception of the facts.  

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