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I wait for the library to open and went there and took the assessment test and also it was a lot helpful with the tool and practice also the audio they use to explain to you how it’s been done and how you use it. It’s detailed and also when you want to hear to make sure you could go back and replay. I may be rusted and forget about some of the verbs and noun. Well going through the audio, it helps a lot. I was surprise for my grade for the assessment I took I didn’t know I was that bad, but I’m glad there are practice in it that I could study and learn to catch up.Even though we be having Christmas break, I would still go in on my free time just to review and be ready for my next assignment or classes next year. I know I got on a bad start but I still want to do my best for the better. I see my weakness. So I could work on it to make it better. Also my strength of doing certain assignment to I will try to make better and convenient to better my reading and writing skills and math. I know now tat I see my weakness and also I can prepare myself for I know that I will be more self motivated in the future and I know I could do better.Also I’m up to the challenge on what’s coming my way through the school year and the classes that I’ll take. I also was glad for this class I was able to learn something new and gain knowledge and know that I myself could do better. It may be one class till next year, but I know new year resolution is to have a better education to be success and to take care of my girls and to better their future. Above all I learn a lot from this class and the teacher also gives confidence and believes in all of us that we could make it. I guess I would say for me I am glad.

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