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Project Synopsis Template Format Index-(Content of the Project Synopsis) Project Title: Platform Development for Online Jr. N. S. E Project Sponsor Company : Brilliant Info systems Pvt. Ltd. Office no. 6, 3rd Floor, Puneet-Yash Arcade Karve Road, Opp. Hotel Konkan Express Kothrud Pune-411038 Group members: |Student Name |Roll No |Email Id |Mobile no | |Ninad Shriram Ghorpade |14 |[email protected] om |9860281199 | |Kunal Vikas Karanjkar |15 |[email protected] com |9689591854 | |Arti Balasaheb Hase |26 |arti. [email protected] com |9960625363 | |Sujeet Shankar Shinde |45 |[email protected] com |8805673131 | Objectives of the project:To Develop and upgrade the existing system to integrate Online Examinations, Online Payments and E-learning modules to facilitate the needs of around 25000 students appearing for the Jr. Newton Talent Search Exams. Brief Introduction to Project –Abstract ? Introduction 1. Jr. Newton Talent Search Exam is a scholarship examination for students from standard 3rd through 9th aimed at increasing the awareness amongst students regarding the necessity of competitive exams in the life of students, since an early age. 2.The examination is a 7 year educational program designed by educationalists to prepare students to face the competitive educational environment and achieve the standards and grades that will be accepted and appreciated in the long term race. 3. It helps the student to get an overview of the competitive exam’s at an early stage , prepare and test their skills along with attractive prizes for the achiever’s at different level like taluka , district and state 4. Current feature provide the student’s only to register themselves for the upcoming exam’s and attend them at the examination centre’s Need Of Project 1. Currently, the educational system allows students from 3rd to 9th standard to be promoted to higher classes even in the absence of good grades i. e. students are promoted to higher classes even when they have not passed their school examinations. 2. The use of interactive and online services for testing their knowledge at every stage of academic’s 3. Providing the user’s with advance educational environment , tools and techniques that will attract many student’s from different educational board’s 4. Implementation of new tools to help the student’s take this exam from ome and also tool’s that will ensure unfair means are avoided during examination ? Area of operation and users of project. 1. Primary user’s of this project are the student’s who will be participating the examination’s 2. Using the feature of blogging many professional teacher’s and the parent’s of the student will also be using the service’s 3. The major area of operation include e-learning that will allow students to access the online video lecture’s given by the professional’s topic and subject wise , e-book’s will help the student’s to download the much needed book’s for the exam’s as well as other subject related book’s at one place . Online mock examination for getting an overview of the exam as well as providing entire exam online with maximum transparency and proper control over malpractices • Technical details:- (H/W & S/W Requirements, Implementation, Required libraries and tools, Special features… etc) • H/W Requirement’s – ? Application Server (Currently used – Go Daddy Server) ? Database Server • S/W Requirement’s – ? Client Side:- Internet Browser ? Server Side:- Asp. Net , SQL Server • Required Libraries and Tools :- ? Video Editor’s and Cutter’s ? Photoshop • Special Feature’s :- ? Blogging Mock exam’s ? New e-learning Tool’s e. g. :-TIN CAN API Existing Application (Work) & Proposed Work (comparison) ? The facilities that are required for the proposed work may be mentioned in this part of synopsis. 1. Services provided by the existing application are :- ? Registration for upcoming exam ? E-Book’s(Book’s and their Prices) ? Distributer’s (List of the Distributer’s for purchasing of book’s) 2. Proposed work for the this project aims at developing the portal at every front possible integrating various tools and technology such as ? Online Examination (Mock and Final) E-learning (Video’s , Ready to Download E-books) ? Online Shopping and Online Payment ? Blogging (Video chat , Personal storage for every individual ) ? Enhanced Graphic Feature’s ? One click Tool’s like Video conversion , Note Conversion ,Line Converter, Dictionary(Meaning and relevant Images for better understanding) ? E-mail/SMS integration ? Optimized Search engine ? Hardware and software may be mentioned for the proposed work. 1. Existing Application server will be used along with the addition of data server for the storing the video’s , e-book’s and personal blogging space . Use of web camera for the Authentication purpose during exam’s and as optional security measure for the blogger’s and Video chat 3. Tin Can is an new E-learning tool that will be integrated Design of solution 1. This part will brief out the current environment. 2. Current environment in which the project is developed is entirely on Asp. net , C# . net and M. V. C architecture as the framework for entire development work which will also be the environment for development of proposed work 3.Present website handle’s an traffic of over 25,000 student’s who participate in this examination handling and ensuring best performance of the system providing all proposed features is a major challenge 4. The key features of this project involve online examination , online payment , E-learning 5. Some of the potential issues related are developing system that will be able to handle high volume of traffic , system that will deliver the video’s and other facilities such as , Downloading and uploading of the content , live Video chat with much bug’s and performance issue’s on both client and server side . Every module that is to be developed and integrated in the project is divided amongst a group of two people out of the group of Four member Methodology/ Planning of work 1. The tentative process for the project is based upon the priority and the complexity of the module’s that are to developed over the period of time 2. Initial step aim’s at developing of the online examination ( mock and final) that has enough security measure which ensures malpractices that prevails during the conduction of examination are minimized . Managing server and network issues during the conduction of exam that would hamper the student’s while giving the exam’s 4. Authentication and generation of Results 5. Second important module is the implementation of Online payment , students will be able to pay their registration fees online itself , providing full proof measure for keeping the online transaction secured and the user’s information secured , getting vendor account’s for online ayment processing from the online payment service provider’s such as PayPal etc 6. Student’s can even shop for the book’s online 7. Third module to be developed is E-learning , webcasting of the video’s that are to be uploaded , quality and enhancing video play from server to client side , implementation of the TINCAN API , which has many advantages over the present API’s 8. After the implementation of the above modules , other modules such as ? Blogging ? Face Recognition Video Chat ? Video/Note Conversion etc Are to be implemented Innovativeness & Usefulness of project :- 1. This project will provided the current as well as the new users with number of features that will help them to gain a completely new experience of interactive study methods 2. Students can prepare and test themselves for the examination and gain a hand on experience over the amount and quality of preparations required for excelling in competitive exams

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