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The biggest trend right now for most, if not all industries, is Business Process Outsourcing or BPO for short.  In an effort to reduce operational costs, companies are resorting to transferring business processes overseas or to countries with lower labor costs.  The most commonly outsourced processes are the call centers or customer support processes which most often are contracted out to English Speaking nations outside of the host country and the latest trend being the outsourcing of the legal documentation process.  As more and more firms resort to outsourcing to reduce operation costs, the question that managers are asking now is what else can be outsourced.The improvements in technology have made it possible for households to have almost a single personal computer or laptop per member of the household.  In line with this, more and more children are exposed at a very young age to computers and also access to an arguably unlimited amount of information on the internet.  The danger however is that most of the time the children are not monitored and are also able to access websites or certain information that is not suitable for young children.  The recent attempts to try to protect children from viewing such sensitive information have been to no avail and there have been attempts to address the situation from a more direct approach, the parents.

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