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A computer based interviewing system has given a major role in the field of interviewing process of getting an employee. Because of it’s potential in the business world, its gives idea that it will benefit the people, the consumer and the company as well. These computer based system for interviewing is now looking by Nike Company. An example of these is the (IVR) Interactive Voice Response Technology using the database technology to capture information about potential employees.Looking at the primary advantage of having a computer based interview system is that the system of interviewing an applicant will become easier and more convenient. Such as reducing the labor hours of interviewing, and also facilitate the screening of the applicants easier. The travel cost by the applicant will also be reduced. The development of this computer based interviewing system gives the company the ability to build a clear job description as well as selecting an applicant that is fit to the job description.The Primary disadvantage is the essence of communication. Like it would need a in-person interview, assessment center, which basically the computer doesn’t allow the behavior of one person to be observed and also the computer do not allow one’s interpersonal skills to be verified directly. Another is if the design of the system is not fit to the system of the company it might as well give an additional problem in interviewing the applicants.


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The major concern of EEO is whether the computer-based system is accessible to disabled persons. Example are hearing impairment and voice impediment. Nike also concerns with the potential infringement of law like Nike must consider the phrasing of interview questions. This can cause bias to the native speakers of English, and can cause discrimination to their demographics status. This will not run like free flowing conversation.Nike must be concern about the development and welfare of the employees. This Nike’s hiring strategy will lead the company to superior productivity and morale. It also speed up process of interview and lower its cost which also concern its future recruitments personality and also good standing image as an employer. Another concern is the interpersonal contact with its interviewees, which may lead to poor conversation and interaction.Nike should improve their computer-based system by extensive research and gathering of survey and information on how to improve the system. They must improve the programs and add more features and modification in an electronic profile, human decision in making the selection process. Even if we have this computer based program for getting employee it’s as important that we have a personal communication with the applicant so that we select the best employee out of the applicants. 

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