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My educational background and working experience prove why I am interested in pursing a Masters in Information Technology. I earned a Bachelor Degree in Computer Application (BCA) from M.C.R.P University in India. I continued to acquire knowledge in the matter through post graduation studies where I have merited post graduation diplomas in the following areas: Information Technology, Telecom Technology and Web Administration. I also engaged in work that deals mainly with information technology. I worked for an IT Consulting firm as we have established business in India and in the USA. In addition to this, I have 6 years of work experience with XYZ. I am currently working on a complex tax application project- REMIC (Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit), a US tax election for self-liquidating pools of mortgage loans that are permitted to allocate their cash flows among various classes of investors with differing rights. I am in this project as a project leader, and as the coordinator with the team in India as regards new developments. My work experience helped me gain enormous experience on cutting edge technologies; working with top firms like Citigroup has caused me to come across many challenges. I have encountered work dealing with ERP solutions, financial applications and Portal solutions. All of these have given me more than just textbook knowledge; most importantly, all of these experiences have amplified my interest in pursuing further education concerning Information Technology.I believe that Stevens Institute of Technology will be of much assistance in helping me pursue further education. After conscientious inspection of the information on Steven’s web site (“MSIS”) and after the introductory session, I strongly believe that the MSIS program coincides well with my career objective. Along with all the courses offered in the Information Management track, `Strategic Issues in Information Management` and `Management of IT Organizations` are of my primary interest. I grew even more interested in pursuing a Masters in Information Technology through Stevens after learning that the program puts more focus on the managerial aspect of Information Technology.As a plus, I strongly believe that my participation in the MSIS program would truly benefit the firm. Since I have a special interest in doing research, performing such task under my professors could truly help the organization as my patience and skill in research work in the course of my further education in Information Technology could yield great results for the firm. Also, since the program is concentrated on the managerial aspect of the subject, it will assist me in honing my managerial skills and improving my expertise in leading the teams in the organization. I am at this point in my career where I aspire to concentrate more on my managerial skills as I have already proven my technical skills as shown by my past records in XYZ, where I was promoted this year as a Technical Specialist. The company is expanding in offshore locations; this means greater need for people who are able to lead large teams. By participating in the MSIS program, I believe that I can concentrate more on learning how to coordinate and lead teams at the offshore locations.Lastly, I believe that a good career entails a strong knowledge base. My career goals fit perfectly into the MSIS program of Stevens Institute of Technology. I am eager about this opportunity and I do hope that I will be selected for the MSIS program. Given the chance, I am confident that with my commitment and hard work, I will be able to excel in the program.

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