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Life is too short to waste on not knowing what you want to do with your life, but when inspiration arrives it can set the goals that you want to achieve. Deciding to get an MBA does not happen overnight, but due to the hype and supposedly advantages of getting an MBA supersedes the costs. From the readings, it is obvious that people who do get an MBA is influenced by the advantages that an MBA graduate can have after getting the degree, like the connections, the network, the image that it projects to hiring companies and having access to some of the most elite groups in the business. These opportunities are within reach for an MBA graduate and success is much easier to achieve. The concept of extended-help says that people who have established ties and share a common past or experience help out each other, and this basically is the advantage of getting a Harvard MBA degree. It is obvious that for some, the assurance of this extended help is a strong motivator to get an MBA. Having a sense of fraternity or even a network of people that would help them further their careers and open doors for them is the essence of extended-help.A consumer narrative of MBA graduates have led to the increase of applicants to the program and even a proliferation of MBA programs all over the world. The narratives of the graduates only talks about the benefits of having an MBA, they do not tell us anything about the classes, the difficulty of complying with the requirements, the skills learned and techniques they have to study for two years and the expenses incurred in taking up the program. All they tell is how having an MBA is fun, worthwhile, teaches them about teamwork, and basically how it places a person ahead of the rest in terms of career progression. Those with MBA degrees would probably have higher self-monitoring scores because they are very aware of the impressions they make on others and the degree to which they fine tune their performance accordingly. For example, Glauthier when told that his MBA does not guarantee a fabulous career he proceeded to tell the story of the beer class which counteract the empirical evidence of the statement. High self-monitoring individuals seek information about the appropriate ways to present themselves and invest considerable time in trying to read and understand others.Which an MBA program also reinforces and inherently people who are high self-monitors will most likely enroll in an MBA. MBA students also have a high need for cognition, they are in the MBA program mostly because of the benefits they can get out of it but they also are in it to fulfill a need for achievement, to use their intellectual abilities because finishing an MBA program is also mentally challenging. Moreover, these individuals restructure their cognition of how things operates and their personal beliefs, like when faced with the issue that MBA graduates are just in it for the money, they say that it is not so but because they value leadership, integrity and discipline. Getting an MBA is a decision that certain individuals make mainly because they want to get ahead in their careers and they have certain personality traits and characteristics that MBA programs cater to. All in all, the MBA degree is sought after in this industry but it is not just the degree but the social networks, the image and the elitist position it brings although it is still a reality that these programs are academically sound and the training any student will experience in duration of the program is also in itself worthwhile, it all however boils down to the individuals personal agendas for getting an MBA.

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