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Man is a social animal, we cannot live alone, and we thrive in an environment that allows us to interact, communicate and build lasting relationships with other people (Michener and DeLamater, 1999). In our lifetime we seek to belong and be a part of different groups and at varying degrees of intimacy and closeness. Our families are our primary group, and our membership to it is ascribed to us, we are born into our families, we cannot choose who our parents and families are, however through the years we come into contact with different people at different stages in our lives and becoming a member of social groups is but as natural as waking up every morning. Groups refer to a collection of people with the same goals and objectives (Macionis, 2004); it can range from the most intimate and face to face interaction to the informal and institutional. Groups also provide a reference point for the individual on which to base his/her actions and or ideas.Personally, I have had my own groups, some have last for as long as I can remember and others have ended after sometime. Of course, my primary group is my family, it is characterized by a genuine care for the well being of each member, and it is where my emotional and psychological and physical needs are met. The interactions have a degree of interpersonal closeness, communication does not follow a pattern but rather I can talk to any of the family members and they also do to me. When I have problems and encounter difficulties they are the first to offer support and encouragement, they are my source of inspiration and strength.Aside from my family, a primary group that I belong to is my friendship with my high school buddies in the football team. As a sports group, we were at first a secondary group, we work towards the goal of winning our games, the interactions were more business like but through the years and the shared experiences that we have had, the triumphs and the failures and the learning together has made us become closer and the relationship has becomes more personal and friendship took over being team membership. Thus I would consider them to be a primary group, they are the ones I turn to in matters that men could only relate to, they offer support in my endeavors and honestly tell me when I am wrong and what I should do to put it right. With the passage of time, some of the members in my team have lost touch, but a few still remains and I treasure their presence in my life. I go about my life knowing that there are people I could turn to at the end of a day, share a couple of laughs, have dinner with and feel that I am accepted for who I am.I am also a member of several secondary groups, my work organization, my neighborhood association and a hobby group. My work organization the air force is a highly institutional group which transforms most of my personal beliefs and behavior. We are required to think and act the same way, to focus on tasks and to live with a very high degree of discipline bounded by rules and regulations. This secondary group has been instrumental in my quest for having a better life, and to be of service to the country. The work itself is challenging and my comrades have provided me with the environment of competition and cooperation. The interactions have been impersonal and follow certain protocols that limit the quality of our relationships. As to my neighborhood association, I became a member because I live in the same street and to show goodwill to my neighbors I have been an active member in the community. I try to be courteous and helpful to them as well as to work with them in the betterment of the peace and order in the community. I really do not have much personal relationship with them, but my interactions are motivated by the desire to keep the neighborhood safe. Aside from the usual greetings and the offering of sympathies, we do not share much. And as a model plane collector, I am a member of a forum or internet group that shares the same hobby. Although the interactions are more personal because we share tips, new information and exchange news about our recent acquisitions, but since the interactions are only online and we have not yet really met face to face and we do not give out any personal information, the group has remained secondary.Groups serve a number of functions in our life, and we need to be a part of groups, we need the support and affection that primary groups provide, we also need the discourse, the learning and the economic rewards of secondary groups. A life without one of each would be a life that is empty of the rewarding benefits of human interaction. 

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