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Living in a country that is different from my roots can be said as a form of survival and adjustment. When I started living in Columbus, my life also changed in some ways – the way I communicate with other people, the way I run my personal and family life, and the way I take all the new culture and traditions of America that is far from my culture and traditions in Brazil. Living and surviving in America opens new doors of opportunities, friends, knowledge, and learning. Linking myself to different places, things, and people in this country make me part of it, and as I wanted to pursue my future career as a nurse here, I am willing to face the struggles and circumstances that I may have because I have been part of this country – next to my first country.Rio is the place where I grew up, the place where I took all my firsts, and the place where my ideologies and perspective in life moulds. I know a lot about Rio – its culture, tradition, and history because I am part of it but as I take the course that enables me to research more about something that I do not know about Rio gave me new information that adds my previous knowledge about my community. However, it was not just a simple research about Rio but a comparison and contrast of it to my present community, the Columbus. Because I am new in Columbus, I want to know some basic things about this community because I am now part of it. As I have researched Columbus in the library and internet, I have found that it was not just a great place to live in because of its beautiful places and people but also because of its history. Aside from researching and studying my roots and present community, I have also realized what I really want as my future career through this course. Assessing myself gives me the opportunity to define what I want to do in the future that will help me personally and my family as well. Through this kind of research, I have found out some of the weaknesses and strengths of nursing when it comes to different countries like the Philippines. In this case, researching about these things brought me broader ideas and knowledge that helped me to assess my personal being and individuality.What I have learned from taking this course is helpful to my present and future situation as a new citizen of America and as a productive individual. This course helped me to become more idealistic and rational as we based all the information that we have through data and facts. That is why everything I hear from other people, especially when it comes to sensitive things, rationality and ideology is strongly recommended before I judge. As a whole, what I have knew about myself from this course made me whole, happy, and contented because it is not only about my personality but also about my environment – the people and the places of my previous and present community that moulds me yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Work CitedTabunar, G. (2007). From Doctors to Nurses: In The Philippines, Some M.D.`s Are        Turning To Nursing Instead. Retrieved August 14, 2007, from   

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