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Over 26,000 people in the U. S die each year from chronic liver disease. Liver disease is any condition that causes liver inflammation or tissue damage and affects liver function. Some important function of liver are to convert the food we eat into stored energy and chemicals necessary for life and growth, to act as a filter to remove alcohol and toxic substances from the blood, and to manufacture and export important body chemicals used by the body. Liver disease is dangerous and it can effect the body. The liver has many functions, so liver disease can effect the body in many ways.The liver is a very important organ because it helps to filter out impurities that were exposed to on a daily basis. With a liver disease there will be many effects on the body. With liver disease, liver can’t filter out the toxins, other organs are affected. When liver disease takes it toll on the body, it can cause a person to develop anemia or large bruises on their body. According to the American Liver foundation, a person who has a liver disease may notice body aches, acne, age spots, weak immune system, swelling, itching and cause a person to have a yellow or white tongue.Liver is very important, and if liver disease happens to you, your body will be effected. If you have liver disease, don’t worry there are medical care and treatments to treat your liver. Bed rest, drinking extra fluids to prevent dehydration, avoiding unnecessary medication, avoiding alcohol, eating well balanced diet, and taking antinausea medication as needed. Other medical care and treatment will depend on the type and the extend of disease. Other medications used to treat liver disease may include lamivudine, steroid, and antibiotics.Treating hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and hepatitis D may involve the use of medications such as the antiviral medication alpha interferon. To treat Wilson’s disease, the health care provider may prescribe trientine or penicillamine. Hemochromatosis is treated by removing a pint of blood once a week, for 1 to 2 years. Over all, there are many treatments and medical care that are available depending on the type of the liver disease you have. Like any other disease, liver disease has short and long terms effects. Long term effects may include, gastrointestinal bleeding, life threatening bleeding in the stomach, encephalophathy, and liver cancer.Short term effects may include high blood pressure, have a decreased number of red or white blood cells, reduced brain function, hormonal changes, and undergo weight loss. In conclusion, liver is a very important organ it has many functions. When you get a liver disease it can effect your body and cause many problems. As soon as you get liver disease go and see the doctor there are many treatments for it, even though many people die from it. There are many long and short terms effects of liver disease. There are many long and short terms effects of liver disease, you have to be careful and see the doctor as soon as possible.

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