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I am a currently a second year pharmacy student seeking scholarship to pursue my studies.  I am a hardworking, patient-driven Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate equipped with superior leadership abilities and committed to pursue a career in community retail pharmacy industry upon graduation. I do believe that pursuing a career in community retail pharmacy holds best promise because retail pharmacy in the community is crucial in health care efforts of the country. While the world continues to pursue a fast paced, stress driven lifestyle, people rely on competent health service to keep them fit and productive. As a pharmacy retailer, I would find myself at the battlefield of proper medicine dispensing which I find most challenging and rewarding.My experience in Walgreens and Kaiser Permanente has placed me in better perspective of the pharmacy needs of both public and underserved ethnic communities. Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, I have served senior citizens, homeless populations and the youth in my capacity as a volunteer for public health activities on awareness. My internships and volunteer work has sharpened my skills in the retail pharmacy setting, keeping quality standards and customer service.My leadership and communication skills will be useful as I develop my career to serve future needs of the retail pharmacy. As each patient is a unique individual, with unique needs, retailers of the pharmaceutical industry must approach selling of products with unique customer care quality. The good relations between retailer and client in itself contribute to the healing of the patient. Though retailing might be approached as a monotonous and robotic endeavour, my past experience and exchanges with patients and doctors have made me realize that there is a big challenge from pharmacy retailers to be truly a part of the health care system as a whole. With my best of quality and committed efforts, the scholarship I seek will help me pursue my vision of making community retail pharmacy as leader in the health care industry as a whole.

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