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Saudi Arabia faces chronic problems that greatly affects their economical and political stability. These includes low growth rate, job creation and maintaining the pacing of economic reforms. With these, organizations and even the whole industry drops into a very low morale affecting and closing its mind to new ideas to appreciate an emerging Human Resource development.The focus of this research will be the Arab employees’ Emotional Quotients, low morale and job analysis to boost Saudi Arabia’s companies and organizations. This study will further help me in identifying which medium should be used to effectively implement Organizational Developments to the Arab companies. Many factors will give me a competency in doing this research for this study enables me to apply my research techniques and know the role of each employee’s EQ and identifying its job capabilities in influencing organizational development.II.        Aims and ObjectivesThe aim of this project is to show the relationship between Job Analysis and an employees Emotional Intelligence, identify if employees low Emotional Intelligence affects employees job performance of which, the level of an employees job performance contributes to an organization’s low/ high morale.III.      Specific Aims  To introduce the purpose of job analysis and its output to organizations  To differentiate EQ (Emotional Quotient) and IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and identify if high EQ or high IQ is more preferable in choosing an employee.  To enumerate factors that contributes to an industry’s low morale which resulted to  low growth rate, job creation and maintaining the pacing of economic reforms.  To explain the globally competetive advantage of a developed organization.IV.      IntroductionIn this era, where technology has lifted its grounds to develop a more convenient way of communicating with other people, a wide variety of mediums had been invented, re-invented and innovated to fulfil and satisfy what is now called a need of the society which will eventually alter the organisations’ competitive forces.Today, due to the evolution of today’s new technology, industry leaders face both threats and opportunities within the industry dynamics  leading to the possibility of losing their number one spot and being replaced by new entrants and underdogs.Without careful analysis of the required duties of a job, and without careful consideration of the characteristics that is necessary to be able to perform its duty, assigned head officers, managers, supervisors, clerical and administrative staff may create a disruptive behaviour that causes competition, pressure and strain which is unhealthy for a company.For an organisation, its success and failure greatly depends on how the organisation was structured to work, and more than just office equipments, machines, materials and ledgers, an organisations core component is its employees. Employees work together and employees are needed to make a company grow. To understand employees, Job analysis, EQ, morale and organization development should be carefully assessed in bird’s eye view.V.        Review of LiteratureContinuous research and study on the issue will be helpful, not only from the academic point of view, but from the strategic side as well. Such research will be very important in building better relationships, and better understanding between the western world and the Middle East population.Communication, EQ and Morale is very important in an organization. These three aspects go hand-in-hand in a good company and in job analysing for without it, poor attitudes and a negative working atmosphere. As what Meyerson (2007) have cited, a company of 100 employees could stand to lose nearly $75,000 per year due to absenteeism and tardiness. This problem takes organizational development approaches to increase the low morale of an organization.VI.      MethodologyThis research provides a qualitative analysis which will be based on the information gathered from existing studies, surveys, Internet, books, literatures and research procedures. This study also has a descriptive component of the long unresolved issues about Job analysis, Low morale, Behavioral Tendencies and Mental Abilities or more known today as EQ and IQ, which will now hold true in the study of organizational development.List of Referencesa2psychology. (2002). Intelligence Quotient. Retrieved February 19, 2007 from   , T. & Greaves, J.(2005a). The Emotional Intelligence QuickBook. New York,            Fireside .(2005b). The Emotional Intelligence Appraisal Technical Manual. San DiegoEmotional intelligence. (2007, February 2). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.          Retrieved 05:14, February 19, 2007, from

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